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To Whom It May Concern

When words rise suddenly to lips unbidden, Rendering to light what long was hidden- When shuttered hearts once more in open air Breathe free no longer caught in fear’s dark snare, When weakness gives up trying to be strength Accepting … Continue reading

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For the few here who live a D/s life

I’ve noticed that I have some followers here who are in D/s relationships. If that describes you, I know of a couple of books on Amazon you might find interesting. One is prose: “Learning Joy.” The other is poetry: “In … Continue reading

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Turning, turning over years- Laughter won the game from tears- Your voice, your hands casting out fears Dark and light in one great wheel Each day, each hour a joy to feel As every old wound came to heal Sunrise … Continue reading

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You’ve taken so much from me: the ability to wish hair-trigger responses wee-hour thoughtfulness hyperacute senses the habit of hopelessness. All I have left is this: everything I might have wished for peace and understanding of my world deep, restful … Continue reading

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You Are

You are the strength of vines that heal the viciousness of the world with their beauty. You are the steady hand of calm in the whirlwind of anger and fear, returning me to myself after the storm. You are the … Continue reading

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Age Perfected (Sonnet)

How is it, my love, you grow forever Yet more beautiful than in our youth? This isn’t flattery nor yet persuasion – I see clearly; all these things are truth: Silver hair like light on ocean water – Deep kind … Continue reading

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(* very personal tanka) ropes harsh as iron anchored me to history until you freed me let me fly, my chosen wings made wholly of your love

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Healing Love (sonnet)

Your touch, a paralytic to my mind, Sends intellect, all shamefaced, into hiding – No logic, sense or symmetry of thought Has strength to stop such heat from overriding. The clarity your touch can so induce Defeats and sweeps away … Continue reading

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I am not an Old Soul Whatever that means. It took you years To teach me myself, To show me our truth, To open the door I needed To walk through to be happy. All those years you waited, Patiently … Continue reading

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Love Story

Many years passed. We found one another. Many years passed. We passed through a tunnel of darkness and light. Many years passed. We changed into what we were born to be. That is all.

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