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Lessons (tanka)

After too much peace Growing strong in sun and rain, Lessons come like storms – Here, learn to stand back and breathe; Birds sing when we’re crying. Hummingbirds still whir – Sparrows still dance through gardens – Crows shine like … Continue reading

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Sad Sonnet

Love, teach me now to trust the world again, To see in every face potential friend As I once did before we met and then After you taught me trust and love again. I still see faces now but with … Continue reading

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Emptied out Sunday night Fading light Inside out Creaking old Muscles worn Undone work Quiet song Fraying heart Empty mind Language gone Twilight falls Empty hands Empty heart Empty house Empty sky Empty

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My Mistake

(For the Good Christian People across the street) Thinking we were friends, not simply resources, Seeing two-way traffic on this one-way street. Now I see the river flows always in one direction. My mistake – ours even – Seeing your … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned So Far (Sonnet)

With every pain, a bit of pleasure comes: The blister on my palm from digging weeds Now gives me leave to sit and hear the songs Of house wrens nesting near and seeking seeds. As muscles’ tiny tears turn into … Continue reading

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Sticky-sweet Nonreactive Sharpest stones Strongest hooks All absorbed In whiteness Once burnt Twice blackened Pierce-able crust Unformed softness Disappearing sweetness No engagement This one soured Sucking sweetness Sucking life Still blankness White of fungus White of death Marshmallow people In … Continue reading

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Through this grip of sleet Above the deepening clouds Shines a bright Fall sun

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Late-Blooming Winter Sonnet

Finally now come the dark and snow When only crows persist in crowding trees, Their feathery coats against the blowing winds, Protecting them while weaker creatures freeze. The sun is sheltered now by marbled grey In skies that promise lovely … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Darkness

Into the happiest of lives there come The darker days when light itself withdraws, A chill creeps softly into hands and mind, And heart grows heavy without likely cause. At such times, neither music nor good words Will spark to … Continue reading

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