Evening Sonnet

I try, as do we all, I think, to add
My bit of beauty to the world I know-
A well turned phrase, a pleasure that I’ve had,
A fine-wrought image I can share to show
We all have something worth another’s time
To give regardless of our age or skill,
And working thus, we add a bit of shine
To each day’s light-we hope we always will.
But here’s a shock: those little nudging gestures
One feels at varied times push one away
Eventually gather force by self-investure,
Returning shove for push as if to say:
You’re needed here no longer-you can go now;
We do things differently, and you don’t know how.

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Black Squirrel Tanka

IMG_5473bat-faced black squirrel
stretches from feet to feeder
sucks sugarwater-
may we all find life’s sweetness
in unexpected places

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Evening Tanka

IMG_5471Summer evening light
slants soft across the kitchen
lights pink peonies-
Don’t we all want the same things:
beauty and a hand to hold?

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Sonnet for My Bitter Friend

My friend, you harm yourself, I think, too much
With those grey-tinted blinders that you wear,
Interpreting a soft word, loving touch
As mean encroachment, not as kindly care.
The world is harsh to you in your perception;
Your every contact cuts through your thin skin –
A gentle word can only mean deception;
You feel the cooling breeze as bitter wind.
If only you could see the sunlit Spring,
Bright Summer, sparkling Winter, generous Fall –
Take happiness and love in everything
That offers joy and beauty to us all –
Our privileged lives allow us all to choose
Our joys in life, so why must you refuse?

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We didn’t think-
that racism gone underground would spread roots
that a buffoon could call hate to arms
that even a fool would choose to destroy the earth
that Orwell’s nightmare would come real
that our indifference would fertilize Evil
that the vote for which many of you died was important.

We still hope-
that when we shed the shadows of Evil
that when sense returns to our country
that when the boot is lifted from our necks
that when we learn The Other is Us, too
that when we come knocking at your doors
You let us back in.

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Inaudible, Invisible (sonnet)

Romanticizing the younger Self, we see
Nothing of the beauty in a tree
The bark of which, now twisted, runs the length
Of all its ancient branches, giving strength
To every twig and leaf that dances in
The Summer’s warming sun and gentle wind,
Returning to the soil in each Fall
Of leaves its power to recreate it all.
Our savage culture, recognizing none
Of aging’s beauties, stupidly will run
To mock its wisdoms, kindnesses, and strengths
By any means it can, to any lengths
And, learning nothing, come at last to death,
Grasping at illusions thin as breath.

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Tanka for the Beauty of Trees

In the world of trees

factories spew oxygen

take just what they need-

if their beauty were enough

we could live and breathe freely

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