For the Restless Gardener in Winter

Return to present breath, where light and life
Relieve the anxious mind of what it bears
So needlessly in constant, fruitless strife
Thus losing native peace to pointless cares.
There’s weedy ground to blister gardeners’ hands
In June, but see the brightness of the snow
Protecting soil now – today’s demands
Are light and sweet, so let tomorrow’s go.
Foregoing Winter’s comfortable rest
Will do no further good than if we were
A bird building in Winter Summer’s nest
To be destroyed by shifts in temperature.
Each season offers its own invitation –
In winter, it’s to rest and meditation.

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A wall of silence
divides the mind
from what it needs
where it must go

To reach that wall
first fight through
miasmas of static
invisible bondage

Once static is visible
its particles become
free rivers of energy
of even breaths

The wall of silence
opens completely
wreaths of welcome
swirl, invite, calm

There is no other side
silence becomes breath
prisms light into all things
only peace follows now

Peace grows gratitude
clarity reveals connection
simple breath cures
the splintered dream

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Saturday Morning

Out there the sun shines
snow into diamonds-
In here the washer
thumps to a stop
the heat puffs on-
Soon I’ll hear
the bells on the door
jangle your return
with a snow-covered black dog-
I breathe in quiet peace
Exhale gratitude.

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And I Smiled (tankashaped)

When I woke today
The Temps playing in my head
My eyes still closed tight
I remembered your fingers
Playing music on my hand

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MidWinter (tanka)

mid-winter quickens
roots so deep they never freeze
brightness at their hearts-
life stirs softly underground
awakening at Imbolc

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Snow haiku

coldest skies shed snow
curtains of tightly closed fists
sweep the silver world

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Tanka for meditation

waves wash the shore clean
take the dross leave only gold
meditation’s twin–
mind or ocean filled too much
with trash cannot thus be cleansed

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