Neva’s Sonnet

Kindness is the sweetest voice of all
The impulses of mind that blend in choirs
Of words, hands, hearts-of everything that fires
The kiln of character that makes us all.
Discernment adds its strength to gentle heart
So Love creates what it would, alone, seek,
As language becomes music and would speak
Eternal truths that words cannot impart.
The foundation of all these is the eyes
That gently see and shape in their own seeing
The best of all their objects’ seeming, meaning,
Ignoring any ugly, sad surmise.
With kind heart moved, informed thus by the mind,
Intelligence enlarges what it finds.

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Breaking the Circle (Sonnet)

This light that shines today through Fall’s first frost
Enshrining Life that, as it sings its death,
Gives beauty up along with its last breath
Is that same light that shone last on those lost.
No separation on this circling Earth
Between dawn’s gentle light and twilight’s end
Divides us; we all love the light, depend
On sunlight’s touch from our first breath at birth.
If that indifferent star can make us One,
How can our great intelligence not know
That Life itself connects us in its flow
From birth to death, then flies back to the Sun?
There is no “Other”-we’re a single race
Who, when we kill, create an aching space.

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The Garden Witch Sings to Autumn

Trying to get back to my writing…


In the month of giant bumbles,
Throw a scarf over thy head
Lest the lavender doth draw them
And in thy hair they make their bed!

Hawks and handsaws, in this season,
Fly together overhead;
Whether north winds blow or southly,
Fall blows in to wake the dead.

Harvest comes and stalks turn brown so
Gather up all that ye can.
Once the snow flies, it’s all over –
Time for New Year’s hopeful plan.

Seasons’ cycle turns again now:
Into winter we’ll soon go.
If we’re lucky, we’ll remember
Flowers bloom beneath the snow.

Save thy seeds, then, so for planting
Ye will have something in the spring,
Keeping evil hands from stealing
Seed and stalk and everything.

Stand our ground and let the bees nest
Where they will and hawks come, too.
Where seagulls fly so far from oceans,
Why can’t handsaws dot the blue?

Just as seasons’…

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august gardens (haiku)

August gardens hang

heavy with their own beauty

and wet fruitfulness

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haiku for late August


late Summer rumbles
washes to its own wet end
even in deep green

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early morning birthday
the anniversary of the day
Love came like a chance perennial
to seed and grow and blanket my life-
alone at the screen door I watch
along the asphalt path past grasses
past long green tomato branches
by the fountain where birds
will splash today in hot sun-
and see the tiny brown wren
who sings to the living face of Love
upstairs trying to stay asleep
in the humid dawn air of Summer
while even the littlest birds
who have the sweetest songs
offer their gifts to him

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Tanka for My Husband

Wren song sweet and high
proves what all good people know:
appearances lie.
Look through my face, lined and plain,
and see your pure, shining self.

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