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I thought I knew my country – I was wrong. The face of Evil’s clearer every day. This rebirth through hard labor will be long. Once hidden, now the hatred proudly throngs; It’s everywhere – I cannot turn away. I … Continue reading

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haiku for winter composting

black susurration of compost from the shovel cold whispers of Spring

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Tanka for Today

Scarlet leaves tremble At Winter’s first suggestion- Change disturbs us all.- Living strong through Winter’s grip Returns us to Spring’s fresh growth.

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Tanka for Texas

windows in closets let in light and fresh wet air- early November- low skies send church bells’ toning helplessly wafting up souls

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Late to Class (Sonnet)

Slow slipping Summer stayed too long this year- Insisting on her precedence of growth, Green fingers pushing back against the chill, Confused rootcrowns sought to satisfy both. Some celebrate the Summer’s long retreat And wish for warmth to last another … Continue reading

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This is the time we thought We would dance freely together That future of open hands Shining days of open hearts Of loud singing in the cities. Where are the saints of our longing? Where is the marriage of intellect … Continue reading

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Thank You Note

This also is a gift: quiet hours under a silver sky with scents of wet soil a touch of cold to come air tasting of leaf fall scratching of birds on seed heads Autumn lies visible before me her wet … Continue reading

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