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I thought I knew my country – I was wrong. The face of Evil’s clearer every day. This rebirth through hard labor will be long. Once hidden, now the hatred proudly throngs; It’s everywhere – I cannot turn away. I … Continue reading

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Privilege (a broken Sonnet)

Bronzed mementoes torn from innocence, Stolen happy histories destroyed- Spoiling each act of beneficence, Words become cruel weapons to deploy. Naming you dark terms you’d never use, Destroying those few things you dared to love, Frantically, you search in vain … Continue reading

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In Silence

In silence the quiet moans of old dogs call for a gentle hand- Snow’s soft hissing surrounds all the senses- Tiny voices of moles under snow rise to the light. On that broad straight path balance returns vision clears breath … Continue reading

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Just write the words let them fall like soft snow to cover leaf and soil silently-no one watching. Meaning will come creeping language lighting the way to reveal you to yourself gently-a soft leading. In time-slow time-you will return to … Continue reading

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The Crone’s Sonnet

“The time has come,” she said, “for reckoning,” Her Cronish finger bent in beckoning. “For centuries you’ve brought forth salty waters- Tears and fears from those who are my daughters. Now feel the sad confusion and the fear Of never … Continue reading

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Silence and Stones (haiku)

single row of stones not yet grown mossy in light silence in water

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The dryer drum squeaks complaints but keeps on turning- song for a dim day Snow comes first as rain- all falls from the same close sky carrying Winter Soft rains of Summer raised up all that has fallen- earth receives … Continue reading

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