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Tanka for Today

Scarlet leaves tremble At Winter’s first suggestion- Change disturbs us all.- Living strong through Winter’s grip Returns us to Spring’s fresh growth. Advertisements

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Tanka for Texas

windows in closets let in light and fresh wet air- early November- low skies send church bells’ toning helplessly wafting up souls

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Tanka for Papabear

asparagus crowns persist in cold October sending Light their Love- I’d be as faithful as they were my heart as big as yours

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Tanka for My Husband

Wren song sweet and high proves what all good people know: appearances lie. Look through my face, lined and plain, and see your pure, shining self.

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Black Squirrel Tanka

bat-faced black squirrel stretches from feet to feeder sucks sugarwater- may we all find life’s sweetness in unexpected places

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Evening Tanka

Summer evening light slants soft across the kitchen lights pink peonies- Don’t we all want the same things: beauty and a hand to hold?

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Tanka for the Beauty of Trees

In the world of trees factories spew oxygen take just what they need- if their beauty were enough we could live and breathe freely

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