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Black Squirrel Tanka

bat-faced black squirrel stretches from feet to feeder sucks sugarwater- may we all find life’s sweetness in unexpected places

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Evening Tanka

Summer evening light slants soft across the kitchen lights pink peonies- Don’t we all want the same things: beauty and a hand to hold?

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Tanka for the Beauty of Trees

In the world of trees factories spew oxygen take just what they need- if their beauty were enough we could live and breathe freely

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Tanka for Hope

Late Spring’s yellow light brushes bright unfolding leaves chimes the evening in- Praise the persistence of Life sprung fresh from darkness and death.

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Sonnet for the Soilweb

When power feeds itself and nothing more Nor no one else but only its own greed In never-sated savage hunger for Its sickly swollen, hollow-hearted need- Where can we find a quiet, peaceful place Reminding us how different we could … Continue reading

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Lines on the First Day of Planting

That spot in my down-low back (that place where the cute girls had dimples) where aching begins while I’m not watching where spasms will sing me to sleep where I creak in the slow mornings From that place will now … Continue reading

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Song for Dark Imbolc

Seeds for what will soon be planted, Crystal in which futures spin, Cup of cheer to sing the Sun back, Candlelight to draw it in… Imbolc opens up our hearts now, Closed by wintry cold and fear, Promises that Spring … Continue reading

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