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Question (a sonnet)

I hear you say you’ll sit right where you are And wait for what might choose to come your way, And if it doesn’t come-whate’er it be- Then it was never meant for you, you say. So might we all, … Continue reading

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Storms (sonnet)

It’s this-the flooding sky and darkened noon That turns the mind and heart to inward sight, The deepening nimbus banks turn sun to moon As saturated thoughts drown outward light. This was the mood, the world I found most close, … Continue reading

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Recalling My Voice (Sonnet after silence)

She wandered off; I called her back to me, My friend, the long companion of my heart, But even as I reached to catch her hand, She turned, silently refusing, did depart. So long I stood here, empty-hand-and-hearted, Not knowing … Continue reading

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Evening Sonnet

I try, as do we all, I think, to add My bit of beauty to the world I know- A well turned phrase, a pleasure that I’ve had, A fine-wrought image I can share to show We all have something … Continue reading

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Sonnet for My Bitter Friend

My friend, you harm yourself, I think, too much With those grey-tinted blinders that you wear, Interpreting a soft word, loving touch As mean encroachment, not as kindly care. The world is harsh to you in your perception; Your every … Continue reading

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Inaudible, Invisible (sonnet)

Romanticizing the younger Self, we see Nothing of the beauty in a tree The bark of which, now twisted, runs the length Of all its ancient branches, giving strength To every twig and leaf that dances in The Summer’s warming … Continue reading

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Unity of Life (sonnet)

The first to come this year came with the rain, Its colors at first muted, dampened by An early Summer storm whose lighter touch Enriched and coaxed the purple flag to fly. Hard Winter, gone now with its tight-closed fist … Continue reading

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