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Privilege (a broken Sonnet)

Bronzed mementoes torn from innocence, Stolen happy histories destroyed- Spoiling each act of beneficence, Words become cruel weapons to deploy. Naming you dark terms you’d never use, Destroying those few things you dared to love, Frantically, you search in vain … Continue reading

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The Crone’s Sonnet

“The time has come,” she said, “for reckoning,” Her Cronish finger bent in beckoning. “For centuries you’ve brought forth salty waters- Tears and fears from those who are my daughters. Now feel the sad confusion and the fear Of never … Continue reading

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Catalpa Sonnet

Catalpa tree’s the last to show in Spring, The last to fall away when autumn comes, No showy reds or oranges draw the eye- A bit of yellow just suggests it’s done. But when it throws its orchids at your … Continue reading

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Late to Class (Sonnet)

Slow slipping Summer stayed too long this year- Insisting on her precedence of growth, Green fingers pushing back against the chill, Confused rootcrowns sought to satisfy both. Some celebrate the Summer’s long retreat And wish for warmth to last another … Continue reading

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Romanticizing the Younger Self

Who thinks to ask why we romanticize Our younger selves has never lived this life That, looking back, can make me squint my eyes To squeeze away the ugliness and strife. No, there is no romance in early years of … Continue reading

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Me, too.

“Me, too” helps perhaps, though not a lot Since those who need to know most still won’t care That we can’t live life really anywhere Without attacks from testosterone-drugged snots. It’s not OUR problem-or at least it ought Not be … Continue reading

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Marriage Poem (for the third decade)

Those times the tide, swelled by both moon and rain, Tossed all aside and lifted us yet more, All swells and falls across so many years, Though gentle laps or crashing, love the shore. At ebb sometimes slow-moving still reveals, … Continue reading

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