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Fallow Ground

With mind now fallow as the frozen soil, I look for solitude’s own recompense As breathing matches breezes, human foil To Nature as her seasons are to sense. Ideas rot from too extended waiting As fast as seeds in frigid … Continue reading

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Little Song for a Night Flight

Seen from here, how we all glow! One Venus above, millions below: Each golden light– or red, or green, a spark of Love and Life unseen.

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Meditation Song

Doing plants the flower; Meditation grows the tree. The breath creates the walls and roof; The hand adds filigree. Deep beauty comes from steady Placid inner working light, Manifestations of that power’s Imagination’s flight. Too busy with what’s visible, The … Continue reading

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Song for Harry and Merlyn

The privilege of knowing Love amid the snow and ice Convinces that within our hearts there’s Winter’s paradise. This house is Love’s own castle; it inspires each breath we breathe, As kindness saturates the fabric of the life we weave. … Continue reading

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Song for the Turning

The Turning of the seasons From darkness toward the Light Still hinges on one instant From which deep night will take flight. The deepest night’s for healing And learning from the dark What none of us can see in lighter … Continue reading

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For a Gentle April in Syracuse

The delicate lacing of leaves being born with the dawn – The gazing out windows in hope of a glimpse of a fawn – The gray rolling furball of squirrels getting busy on grass Surrounded by tulips all rising above … Continue reading

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Shannon’s Fibonacci

And you, Shannon, angelvoiced, whose song surrounds us containing every song of Life whispering into our minds the music of Heaven singing down the sun and up the stars even as they shine in the sea waves of your hair

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