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Senryu for Harvest

Sunflower heads bow meeting the gaze of the Earth not death but harvest– When my own harvest time comes, may memories of love live. Advertisements

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Gratitude for Pain (Senryu)

We grow green and crisp- It’s the boiling water that lets us persist- Embrace, then pain and sorrow without which we treasure fear.

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Senryu for an Old Dog

  Old black dog circles groans with every small movement predicts days to come- Is this why we love them so- they let us care for ourselves?

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Long Love’s Eyes (Senryu)

As eyes cloud over vision becomes much clearer each others’ souls sharp– I don’t create your beauty– I only see well what’s there.

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Relief (Senryu)

Your kiss came to me- high summer watermelon- such sweet wet relief

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The Fullness of Time (Linked Senryu)

The washer spins out yesterday’s worry and sweat and the day is full. Brown Dog lies dreaming upside down dreams on pillows and the day is full. Gray skies and wet grass laugh at the gardener’s plans and the day … Continue reading

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What the Garden Taught Me

(a Senryu series) Clear away Winter: after it gives up its good, what’s left is debris. New life takes patience: in every small beginning growth is possible. Surprises will come: hesitate to call a weed what you did not plant. … Continue reading

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