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Beneath the chop of frantic chatter flow persistent currents shaped only by themselves smoothing rock soothing sand where creatures as alive as we with the same urgency to breathe according to their ways live fired by the same blaze of … Continue reading

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Solstice Tanka

darkest night still shines in frost and glimmering snow at the Great Turning– may we also turn to Light now as well as at our end

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Blame (sonnet)

Who’s now to blame? Ourselves? The cool centrist? The boiling anger of covert racists? Grey-bearded men duped by economists? The long-time Democrat apologist? Or is it Christians who were given lists Of reasons hatred’s good, righteously pissed, Who scurried out … Continue reading

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One More Before the Election (sonnet)

In pixilated thoughtstreams flowing by- These echo chambers we learn nothing by- These aren’t the streams Heraclitus spoke of, Nor careful introspection, outward love. So dip your toe-your foot-your head into The rivers of these thoughtless words we spew Around … Continue reading

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Noise of the human world swirls endlessly around circles ever down thicker than mud stops our ears blinds our brains racketing tritones Until we say Stop Turn to the open window all electronics silenced see what’s really there in the … Continue reading

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