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Solstice Meditation

i. Earth glows at Solstice – sings in orange blossoms murmurs sweet lavenders harmonizing with wrensong – caresses us all with love in breezes making feathered ferns dance shushing sweet jasmine into our rooms drawing us out gently into her … Continue reading

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Sonnet for the Mother

Two hands, two feet are darkened, marked by Earth, Their blackening welcome signs of Life’s rebirth – In breezy Spring and coming Summer’s heat Earth’s frozen heart returns to Life to beat. In games and rituals of eons past Some … Continue reading

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An open mirror to the sky her sudden scudding clouds— A lake rippled by gusts of breathless fascination— I am all surface: depths of old days foundations for wavelets expressing breezes exhaled by a loving Earth. Spring has wandered into … Continue reading

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Beneath the chop of frantic chatter flow persistent currents shaped only by themselves smoothing rock soothing sand where creatures as alive as we with the same urgency to breathe according to their ways live fired by the same blaze of … Continue reading

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For the Restless Gardener in Winter

Return to present breath, where light and life Relieve the anxious mind of what it bears So needlessly in constant, fruitless strife Thus losing native peace to pointless cares. There’s weedy ground to blister gardeners’ hands In June, but see … Continue reading

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Tanka for meditation

waves wash the shore clean take the dross leave only gold meditation’s twin– mind or ocean filled too much with trash cannot thus be cleansed

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If Winter is withdrawal of Light and its twin, Life, pulling deep down into themselves to wait for the grace of their own return, a reply to Summer in dark terms, it is so to gather strength for the great … Continue reading

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River of light all colors run- no blending but as a rainbow- Runs past bare rock and deep soil alike in its attention- We learn in long age to seed our own colors no mud clods disturbing brilliance- To make … Continue reading

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Chard haiku

Life’s persistence mocks Winter’s most harsh-biting cold knowing they are One

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Meditation Song

Doing plants the flower; Meditation grows the tree. The breath creates the walls and roof; The hand adds filigree. Deep beauty comes from steady Placid inner working light, Manifestations of that power’s Imagination’s flight. Too busy with what’s visible, The … Continue reading

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