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Solstice Meditation

i. Earth glows at Solstice – sings in orange blossoms murmurs sweet lavenders harmonizing with wrensong – caresses us all with love in breezes making feathered ferns dance shushing sweet jasmine into our rooms drawing us out gently into her … Continue reading

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Sonnet for the Mother

Two hands, two feet are darkened, marked by Earth, Their blackening welcome signs of Life’s rebirth – In breezy Spring and coming Summer’s heat Earth’s frozen heart returns to Life to beat. In games and rituals of eons past Some … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds (sonnet)

In this lovely world I call my own, Viewed at this moment through my soiled toes, Unrelenting beauty of the Spring Lulls my senses through eyes, ears and nose. This book is written well, its characters Developed well; its plot … Continue reading

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For the Last Thirty Years

What have I to give you? Only this: A word soft-forged in love from my own heart, A long embrace at end of day, a kiss That’s had our long love in it from the start. A painted bowl, a … Continue reading

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Little Song for a Night Flight

Seen from here, how we all glow! One Venus above, millions below: Each golden light– or red, or green, a spark of Love and Life unseen.

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Saturday Morning

Out there the sun shines snow into diamonds- In here the washer thumps to a stop the heat puffs on- Soon I’ll hear the bells on the door jangle your return with a snow-covered black dog- I breathe in quiet … Continue reading

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And I Smiled (tankashaped)

When I woke today The Temps playing in my head My eyes still closed tight I remembered your fingers Playing music on my hand

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