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Solstice Meditation

i. Earth glows at Solstice – sings in orange blossoms murmurs sweet lavenders harmonizing with wrensong – caresses us all with love in breezes making feathered ferns dance shushing sweet jasmine into our rooms drawing us out gently into her … Continue reading

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White Noise

Buzzing and mumbling it keeps the mind from waking, wondering attending to nothing hearing no small voices until even thunder becomes inaudible. Its powerful pull sucks at the roots forces them inward until they circle around themselves growing nowhere feeding … Continue reading

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An open mirror to the sky her sudden scudding clouds— A lake rippled by gusts of breathless fascination— I am all surface: depths of old days foundations for wavelets expressing breezes exhaled by a loving Earth. Spring has wandered into … Continue reading

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Natural Consequences

Since kindness carried no guarantee since a loving heart was worthless on the open market since a generous spirit got sucked dry and was soon discarded– We erected a new God carried it to the high place where the old … Continue reading

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Beneath the chop of frantic chatter flow persistent currents shaped only by themselves smoothing rock soothing sand where creatures as alive as we with the same urgency to breathe according to their ways live fired by the same blaze of … Continue reading

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A wall of silence divides the mind from what it needs where it must go To reach that wall first fight through miasmas of static invisible bondage Once static is visible its particles become free rivers of energy of even … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning

Out there the sun shines snow into diamonds- In here the washer thumps to a stop the heat puffs on- Soon I’ll hear the bells on the door jangle your return with a snow-covered black dog- I breathe in quiet … Continue reading

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