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Thank You Note

This also is a gift: quiet hours under a silver sky with scents of wet soil a touch of cold to come air tasting of leaf fall scratching of birds on seed heads Autumn lies visible before me her wet … Continue reading

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early morning birthday the anniversary of the day Love came like a chance perennial to seed and grow and blanket my life- alone at the screen door I watch along the asphalt path past grasses past long green tomato branches … Continue reading

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Sculpting Love

Jagged edged plastic fencing tied across rough concrete steps with string- just tangly white cotton string that will rot in the rain- Doesn’t look like Love to anybody but me because nobody else knows or saw when the old brown … Continue reading

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We didn’t think- that racism gone underground would spread roots that a buffoon could call hate to arms that even a fool would choose to destroy the earth that Orwell’s nightmare would come real that our indifference would fertilize Evil … Continue reading

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Lines on the First Day of Planting

That spot in my down-low back (that place where the cute girls had dimples) where aching begins while I’m not watching where spasms will sing me to sleep where I creak in the slow mornings From that place will now … Continue reading

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Betrayals click off our days each with its fresh footfall toward whatever follows death now the tension in the shoulders now the sudden pain in the arch soon the fist tightening the heart or the quick sluice of blood in … Continue reading

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The Resistance

It’s slow waiting for life to return and cold so cold underground Still we push break our own hardened shells stretch a blade to the sun or to the place it should be. It used to be there. First days … Continue reading

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