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Shannon’s Fibonacci

And you, Shannon, angelvoiced, whose song surrounds us containing every song of Life whispering into our minds the music of Heaven singing down the sun and up the stars even as they shine in the sea waves of your hair

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Dan’s Fibonacci

For you, Daniel, whose fine voice stirs all shimmering until every pitch flies upward until every note spins its own octave among lights splintering there into shards of song that, falling, cover us all as we sing below

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Fibonacci for the New Era

Here Courage Growing strength Links us together As the darkness falls around us- Let us pull you through more years to your own fine old age Where you will find all the heart and clenched fists you’re going to need … Continue reading

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Fibonacci of the Blind Hog

Time was, blindly I rolled hard into whatever bumper car rammed me hard enough until at last I walked away, dazed, deaf, and confused, falling into fresh long years in warm hands, in sunlit seas, in this love of your … Continue reading

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Spring Sun Sonnet

Welcome now the open-windowed season; Come into the Sun with me and play; All the games that live outside of reason Winterlong are ready for their day. First, the promenade of bees and children Weary of their long captivity, Hum … Continue reading

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Fibonacci for Spring

Damp chills the wind until all Winter’s bitterness spirals away into grey skies leaves us alone with our joyful anticipation of life’s gentle reawakening into another Springful of sweet happiness.

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Kindness (a Fibonacci poem)

Each rich gesture of kindness ignites another spiraling out into a world frozen hard in a winter-frost of hardening hearts

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