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Sonnet for My Bitter Friend

My friend, you harm yourself, I think, too much With those grey-tinted blinders that you wear, Interpreting a soft word, loving touch As mean encroachment, not as kindly care. The world is harsh to you in your perception; Your every … Continue reading

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Crows in Mersham

Crows call counterpoint Wind chimes deep and high Blows rain from the sea All the way to Canterbury. Moss dots the tile roof Past this rainspotted pane And horses wear black jackets Against October rain. Smoothing the air into oaks … Continue reading

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Sleeping Together

In these Fall nights the Moon’s a ship sailing bright above waters of darkness Come out with me now into the moonlight breathe the darkness lying low on the ground Expel the night then replace it with light of silver … Continue reading

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Harvest moon haiku

fresh September breeze blows darkness in–a backdrop to the Harvest Moon

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I am what you see in me

and so are you. Today a complete stranger who wouldn’t even use an intelligible false name to leave a comment read a few bits of my writing about the way I love my husband, and the response this person had … Continue reading

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Senryu for Harvest

Sunflower heads bow meeting the gaze of the Earth not death but harvest– When my own harvest time comes, may memories of love live.

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The promise of Fall shines and flows on this cool breeze makes the blooms hurry

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