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Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.

Sonnet for the Soilweb

When power feeds itself and nothing more Nor no one else but only its own greed In never-sated savage hunger for Its sickly swollen, hollow-hearted need- Where can we find a quiet, peaceful place Reminding us how different we could … Continue reading

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For a Gentle April in Syracuse

The delicate lacing of leaves being born with the dawn – The gazing out windows in hope of a glimpse of a fawn – The gray rolling furball of squirrels getting busy on grass Surrounded by tulips all rising above … Continue reading

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Tercets Written While Thinking About Facebook

Out of the echoes and into the void Where we’re alone and may well be destroyed Or at the least, then, a little annoyed. Opening mind and perhaps even heart Makes us all wiser than at our own start Even … Continue reading

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Hollow Man

All you who in your freedom chose to follow, In hate and ignorance of what would come, Him whose wizened heart and head are hollow, Come embrace your consequence and doom. Chameleon, snake or call him what you will, He’s … Continue reading

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Haiku for Trump at the Start of Growing Season

seedlings curl upward two tiny green praying hands begging time to live

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Sonnet for Mr. Trump

We’ve had thirty years to love and live Compressed distress at first though not of late, And now at last we have something to give To those we love to soften, ease their fate. It isn’t much, but much the … Continue reading

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Meditation on Palm Sunday

Nothing’s changed at all since then, you know: The mobs’ huzzahing for you, waving palms As long as what you offered fed their souls Or offered to their egos constant alms. You made them feel superior to the crowd; You … Continue reading

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