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Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.

Evening Sonnet

I try, as do we all, I think, to add My bit of beauty to the world I know- A well turned phrase, a pleasure that I’ve had, A fine-wrought image I can share to show We all have something … Continue reading

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Black Squirrel Tanka

bat-faced black squirrel stretches from feet to feeder sucks sugarwater- may we all find life’s sweetness in unexpected places

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Evening Tanka

Summer evening light slants soft across the kitchen lights pink peonies- Don’t we all want the same things: beauty and a hand to hold?

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Sonnet for My Bitter Friend

My friend, you harm yourself, I think, too much With those grey-tinted blinders that you wear, Interpreting a soft word, loving touch As mean encroachment, not as kindly care. The world is harsh to you in your perception; Your every … Continue reading

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We didn’t think- that racism gone underground would spread roots that a buffoon could call hate to arms that even a fool would choose to destroy the earth that Orwell’s nightmare would come real that our indifference would fertilize Evil … Continue reading

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Inaudible, Invisible (sonnet)

Romanticizing the younger Self, we see Nothing of the beauty in a tree The bark of which, now twisted, runs the length Of all its ancient branches, giving strength To every twig and leaf that dances in The Summer’s warming … Continue reading

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Tanka for the Beauty of Trees

In the world of trees factories spew oxygen take just what they need- if their beauty were enough we could live and breathe freely

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