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Music for a Stormy Night

Piccolo of fireflies, oboe of gray toad, far-off strings of starlight whisper secret music’s code. Heavy air, its promises of cymbal-crashing light harmonize with moondrone until clouds overtake the night. Now percussive raindrops beat their welcome rhythms, first on dancing … Continue reading

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Untitled Summer

Listening tastes best when it’s mostly silence lying light on the tongue light like the glance of an eye that loves you and knows you are always within sight. This glowing green day is covered with quiet sounds wrensong punctuating … Continue reading

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Grey blankets the sky lowers the city’s ceiling to make clanging of church bells run across pocked streets fill the holes to overflow continue impossibly uphill to my green sanctuary to its altar of poppies of beets, cabbages, tomatoes-to-be where … Continue reading

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