Solstice Meditation

Earth glows at Solstice –
sings in orange blossoms
murmurs sweet lavenders
harmonizing with wrensong –
caresses us all with love in breezes
making feathered ferns dance
shushing sweet jasmine into our rooms
drawing us out gently
into her summer music.

This is the sweet hushness
before the full rainbow
of fruit and flower—
lilies begin their long, slow song
each handing off her Melody
to the next day’s fluted singer—
when poppies unfurl martial flags
to call the parade of all colors
and tiny yellow blossoms fall
making room for pockets of sunlight
caught in warm globes
of red, of orange, of tree-frog green—
when garlic lays down its spear-y leaves
giving up heat and delight
when potatoes’ poisonous fruits
promise treasure in dark soil.

Listen! Try to hear the trees –
They whisper your many names
in counterpoint to birdsong—
in step with falling waters—
in love with faithful commerce
of root and feathered branch.

The Sun adores you, too –
gives you moonglow as forget-me-not
sustains you green through all Life
sets you in motion and ponders your spinning
even as you turn away.

You house the tides and winds
your blood and breath ever dancing
to the same relentless music –
you are bathed in the same beauty
fired in the same furnace –
what moves the trees moves you
what colors the world garden paints you
in a solemn rainbow
borrowed from the bodies of chipmunks
and from the coats of dogs you’ve loved.

Everything we need is here
spun by wind on spindles of light
all colors splashing out
from the same prismatic fountain
all songs flowing together
from a billion billion heartbeats
in rhythm with the wings
of sparrows and eagles.

When the Great Wheel turns again –
when fruit falls and offers up seed
as fresh blown music rustles dryer leaves
as squirrels fatten and toads burrow
as birdsong changes once again —

Open your eyes and see
the new invitation to Life
as it falls and rises again
in rampant, fresh glories.

About janemwoodman

Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.
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2 Responses to Solstice Meditation

  1. rita kowats says:

    If I had been denied life on this planet, but had read this poem, I would have a piece of its lush beauty. Thank you for this gift, Jane.

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