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White Noise

Buzzing and mumbling it keeps the mind from waking, wondering attending to nothing hearing no small voices until even thunder becomes inaudible. Its powerful pull sucks at the roots forces them inward until they circle around themselves growing nowhere feeding … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds (sonnet)

In this lovely world I call my own, Viewed at this moment through my soiled toes, Unrelenting beauty of the Spring Lulls my senses through eyes, ears and nose. This book is written well, its characters Developed well; its plot … Continue reading

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Lily tanka

sharp flat blades spring up spreading across the garden in still-cool breezes— the arrogance of lilies makes even us seem gentle

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For the Last Thirty Years

What have I to give you? Only this: A word soft-forged in love from my own heart, A long embrace at end of day, a kiss That’s had our long love in it from the start. A painted bowl, a … Continue reading

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Singing Up the Sun

Crack this seed of day between your teeth And roll the golden light across your tongue; Taste as freshening breeze, now here beneath, Blows colors from their birthplace in the sun. Join the nondescript in lovely chorus Whose dullest feathers … Continue reading

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