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early morning birthday the anniversary of the day Love came like a chance perennial to seed and grow and blanket my life- alone at the screen door I watch along the asphalt path past grasses past long green tomato branches … Continue reading

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Tanka for My Husband

Wren song sweet and high proves what all good people know: appearances lie. Look through my face, lined and plain, and see your pure, shining self.

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Sculpting Love

Jagged edged plastic fencing tied across rough concrete steps with string- just tangly white cotton string that will rot in the rain- Doesn’t look like Love to anybody but me because nobody else knows or saw when the old brown … Continue reading

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Question (a sonnet)

I hear you say you’ll sit right where you are And wait for what might choose to come your way, And if it doesn’t come-whate’er it be- Then it was never meant for you, you say. So might we all, … Continue reading

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Sonnet After Rain

Remembered rain now blankets every leaf And crowcall crowns the sky while dark wings run As lilies sing their colors to the sun, And we watch in admiring disbelief That we can turn clear waters full of light From diamonds … Continue reading

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Storms (sonnet)

It’s this-the flooding sky and darkened noon That turns the mind and heart to inward sight, The deepening nimbus banks turn sun to moon As saturated thoughts drown outward light. This was the mood, the world I found most close, … Continue reading

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