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Wisdom in Spring

  Now muddy earth, with gulping gasps of Spring, Emerges from the crusts of icy snow As sticks and rotten leaves, also thrusting Their way through sodden mulch, presage new growth. No warmth of Sun yet draws fresh green growth … Continue reading

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Sonnet for the Spring Equinox

The seed contains the tree, the tree, the seeds- And standing in the middle, there are these: Beginnings grown from endings, Life from Death- Continuing the Circle in its breadth. Why interfere with such successful plans? They’ve lasted longer than … Continue reading

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Tanka for Equinox

Spring sun rose in red golden streamers in her hair laughing at herself- Tilting now toward Summer we shout and run into growth

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Advocating for Life Below

Listen long and deep under the snow Regardless of its own coldsparkling depth- Just listen well enough, and you will know Those cities living where Fall winds last swept. Though lately masked by Death to our poor eyes, The worlds … Continue reading

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Betrayals click off our days each with its fresh footfall toward whatever follows death now the tension in the shoulders now the sudden pain in the arch soon the fist tightening the heart or the quick sluice of blood in … Continue reading

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Oceanic Tankas

Choppy seas spin foam mirrored on blue plains above- monsters loom below- Mapping those Leviathans took the first half of my life. Undersea lava flows and freezes- builds islands- Taking my own life means building on this island becoming my … Continue reading

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Shannon’s Fibonacci

And you, Shannon, angelvoiced, whose song surrounds us containing every song of Life whispering into our minds the music of Heaven singing down the sun and up the stars even as they shine in the sea waves of your hair

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