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Lines After Singing Teasdale

Not lost in love, the plaintive poet cried And wrung her hands, begged for the wildest rush Of senses blinded, deafened by the touch Of passion for which she had longed so much. Not lost in feathered beard to brush … Continue reading

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Nothing is itself now: Snowshine lightens windows at midnight changing darkness into light stronger than yesterday’s cloudy noon. My winter rabbits are invisible though I see their tracks left as they run to shelter under the torn grill cover huddled … Continue reading

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Rising to Hope (Sonnet)

Such darkness deepest Winter could not bring; For weeks now it’s been difficult to know Or to remember even how to sing, Most kindness buried under hatred’s snow. The Sun has fled and left us all behind And stunned by … Continue reading

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Song for Dark Imbolc

Seeds for what will soon be planted, Crystal in which futures spin, Cup of cheer to sing the Sun back, Candlelight to draw it in… Imbolc opens up our hearts now, Closed by wintry cold and fear, Promises that Spring … Continue reading

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Crows and Hope at Imbolc

Crows swirl at Imbolc painting grey skies with ink wings brushing in the light- If blackest of all winged souls can retrieve Spring, so can we.

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Note to Myself

Some times demand our words lace up their boots And loudly march until they are blood-shod As Wilfred Owen of the first Great War Saw his companions die in paths they trod. Such times, this time requires us to shout, … Continue reading

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