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Sister Willow

Old Willow’s tired like us- She gave Life a seat a space to be born in places to hide and play like us- She’s been worked over used and turned into background worn hollow in places and dead in others … Continue reading

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Warning (Tanka)

Small seeds crack and rise fed in darkness, yearn for light- finding it, blossom! That rumbling you hear today is a million seeds splitting.

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Growing Power

Despite our fears, the Seasons will keep turning; Fresh Spring will follow these hard days of ice. The soil still breathes, and bulbs still feel the yearning For some small breath of warmth that will suffice. We must know that … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Solidarity

A freshening wind now blows Midwinter in As we still wonder how what’s good can win. The promise of a new night threatens all Who hear both Love and Justice when they call. No one blames those who fear what … Continue reading

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Winter Praise (Tanka)

Trees reach for the light branches raised in fractal praise for a hidden sun- Bare branches know what we should: invisible, power flows.

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Fibonacci for the New Era

Here Courage Growing strength Links us together As the darkness falls around us- Let us pull you through more years to your own fine old age Where you will find all the heart and clenched fists you’re going to need … Continue reading

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Inevitably chaos approaches Like a truck sliding on ice- We can’t evade the wreck- Small shrieks so far Turning to bad dreams In early morning napping- Too late to count losses That haven’t yet come The bullet meant for royalty … Continue reading

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Evasive Action

Noun. evasive action – an action taken to escape from something (an opponent or a pursuer or an unpleasant situation) by some clever or skilled maneuver. These words are anchors- holding me steady balancing what hurts rooting tomorrow in today. … Continue reading

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For the Start of This Year

Crows own Winter skies the way a lover’s hand owns skin skating over it to create dimensions layering each with a sound so slight light shines through the surfaces all the way down to the ground- Their calls raucous and … Continue reading

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