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Love’s Music

He sings softly in the kitchen stops to talk quietly with the dogs- Does he know I listen? I listen to it all: the rhythms of his footfalls the thudding of his hammer his breathing as he reads his bass-rumbly … Continue reading

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Solstice Tanka

darkest night still shines in frost and glimmering snow at the Great Turning– may we also turn to Light now as well as at our end

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Solstice haiku

frosted tree branches moonlight illuminated on this Solstice night

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Lines written during President Obama’s Last News Conference

This pot of soup, full of last Summer’s garden, Wafts thyme and basil, bay and garlic, too; All the scents of August are returning In steamy tendrils throughout every room. The wind is icy and the roads are treacherous; We … Continue reading

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Fractal Snow

See the stars at night glittering in a black sky- as bright as the snow shimmering in clear sunlight as my heart shines at your voice.

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A Thank-You Note to My Graces at Christmas

One of the visible spirits of Grace in my life, You offer me always more love than I’ve ever deserved; With critical eye and kind heart you regard what I do And judge it all with generosity, always unswerved. When … Continue reading

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Winter’s Comforts

these are the days of music of light from every corner when even our neighbor who scowls changes his porch light for red it glows on the snow deepening on his sidewalk where tiny dogs pass by in sweaters against … Continue reading

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Despair is Blind

Is this Winter? This weighing down of hearts Of souls almost lifeless Awaiting what they fear to come? Is this cold running through us The cold of wet snow Breaking branches Turning to mud under our feet? Is this the … Continue reading

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I had a son once- I married daughters twice- Two others sang their own song Out on the edge somewhere Beyond the scope of my vision. From my heart’s song Imperfect as it has been Also the song of my … Continue reading

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Time’s Doppler Effect

Walk this once-long hall with me- These shorter years are yet to be. Still, when we look at what has passed- The longer years up to this last Are telescoping even more Than those our lives have yet in store.

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