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Eurostar to Marseille

Flat angular fields flash past- Having been birthed out of the sea We flash too From Autumn back to late Summer To foggy sunshine and graffiti. Decades flash past Beyond memory When Death stalked these fields Grinning at the feast- … Continue reading

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Fog (a deconstructed sonnet)

Dense fog enshrouds us Makes all contrast dim As we still struggle In the dark to find Each other’s truth Another face or hand Even our voices Muffled by the cloud. One flash of color Two at most at once … Continue reading

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Flying Home (sonnet)

Now gliding up the petal sides of dawn, True watercolors wash across the skies, Till golden sunlight burns the gentle pink And day begins as last of nighttime dies. A cobblestone of cloud beneath us lies, The same bright silver … Continue reading

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Rook Song

All the way West in little Broad Chalke, Not crows but rooks fly in to talk About their glowing black affairs While all unseeing, we trudge the stairs. Another rook flies in Another rook flies out They talk and talk … Continue reading

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Crows in Mersham

Crows call counterpoint Wind chimes deep and high Blows rain from the sea All the way to Canterbury. Moss dots the tile roof Past this rainspotted pane And horses wear black jackets Against October rain. Smoothing the air into oaks … Continue reading

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In the Rehearsal Hall

Bells stand covered white lettering on black singing open syllables Ya-Ma-Ha Before they finish I am out of time out of this hall in another long ago My son races from bells to marimba marimba to snare snare to bells … Continue reading

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