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How can I tell you? The particular and exact sounds and song of the nuthatch culling wild cherries from the half-dead tree draws me to sunlight when I am alone. These beauties are unfixed until you share them your imagination … Continue reading

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Cutting Basil (sonnet)

Returning from the garden with my pail – Preserving basil from cold Winter’s lack – I saw two large crows, foreguard of the murder, The harbingers of Winter, frosty black; They called out in their loud and rusty voices, The … Continue reading

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Coming Back

My brief vacation from this seems to be over. I’ve realized that the online writing had become an important part of my self-discipline to write nearly every day. But I also will be writing short prose passages as well as … Continue reading

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I REMEMBER every sensation on September 11, 2001. It was Tuesday. I had a voice lesson to drive to almost an hour away. I was home alone getting ready to go when I turned on the television and saw the … Continue reading

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