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Ditty for a Brief Farewell

There’s a buzzing in the basement. There’s a buzzing in my head. There’s a buzzing I hear everywhere Unless I’m safe in bed, And even sometimes upstairs with My head under the covers, I buzz-or it does-until sleep Finds me … Continue reading

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Will you join me on this quest- this lifelong quest to be real? First there’s prayer- they teach you ritual words and say you can shape things like life with them. Then spells come to you- you cross your fingers … Continue reading

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Why Write?

I am 62. My husband, the center of my universe, is soon to be 73. Statistically, I will have to spend some part of the end of my life without him. I would prefer to go out with him, but … Continue reading

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Move-In Day

(What follows is not the kind of thing I usually write here, but it is what’s on my mind today, crowding out other things. It is at once more and less personal than my poetry, and I don’t really expect … Continue reading

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Bernie the Bunny (A rabbit tale without enough pictures)

Bernie was a bunny Born inside the garlic bed. His mother left him safely there- He waited to be fed. But one warm day in summer When the garlic harvest started, His nest was torn up, so away He and … Continue reading

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The promise of Fall shines and flows on this cool breeze makes the blooms hurry

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Filters, a sonnet

This cave wall with its shadows built of time Of images and memories and sound- It differs from your own-it’s only mine- I cannot see beyond; I am cavebound. The lovely butterfly with shapely wings Of white seems to me … Continue reading

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When the neighbors stroll by saying, “Free food!” (Sonnet)

When every rotting leaf, each wind blown feather Speaks shrilly of the end of Summer’s song, While sunsets come more quickly, and the weather Brings scents of cooler breezes before long- As weaker light predicts the dying garden And hands … Continue reading

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There’s Wonder if We’ll See It

What came from seed now sucks in sun swells with heat In deep Winter we eat that light the sun nourishes us I hold in my hand this light contained feel the small miracle

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Reprieve! (Haiku)

Happy bunny butt snugged up against the parsley- Bernie’s still alive!

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