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Ditty for a Brief Farewell

There’s a buzzing in the basement. There’s a buzzing in my head. There’s a buzzing I hear everywhere Unless I’m safe in bed, And even sometimes upstairs with My head under the covers, I buzz-or it does-until sleep Finds me … Continue reading

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Will you join me on this quest- this lifelong quest to be real? First there’s prayer- they teach you ritual words and say you can shape things like life with them. Then spells come to you- you cross your fingers … Continue reading

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Why Write?

I am 62. My husband, the center of my universe, is soon to be 73. Statistically, I will have to spend some part of the end of my life without him. I would prefer to go out with him, but … Continue reading

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Move-In Day

(What follows is not the kind of thing I usually write here, but it is what’s on my mind today, crowding out other things. It is at once more and less personal than my poetry, and I don’t really expect … Continue reading

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Bernie the Bunny (A rabbit tale without enough pictures)

Bernie was a bunny Born inside the garlic bed. His mother left him safely there- He waited to be fed. But one warm day in summer When the garlic harvest started, His nest was torn up, so away He and … Continue reading

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The promise of Fall shines and flows on this cool breeze makes the blooms hurry

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Filters, a sonnet

This cave wall with its shadows built of time Of images and memories and sound- It differs from your own-it’s only mine- I cannot see beyond; I am cavebound. The lovely butterfly with shapely wings Of white seems to me … Continue reading

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