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Peony Haiku

impossible clouds of sweetest scented pinkness float through every room

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Perspective (a love sonnet)

You, the flowing Gulf Stream in my life, You, who animate my heart and mind, Who taught me clearly sorrow’s afterlife Makes space for realized dreams of every kind– Like late light flashing final over trees Illuminating freshest, topmost leaves … Continue reading

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Love Sonnet June 2

Morning light drips honey through the trees Breezes-almost winds-presage the rain. Iris flare while marbled peonies Tight-closed, will withstand coming storms’ strain. It’s privilege to witness all these things In the constant flowing of Time’s stream, Every morning’s soft awakenings … Continue reading

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My dad built a little motor: Hand-crank, wires, little rotor. He would wait for squirrels to climb Up his feeders. Every time One got there and started feeding, Eating what birds should be eating, Dad would turn that crank and … Continue reading

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Sacrifice (haiku)

  Flowerstalks of kale sacrifice themselves to seed cast to their future.

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Sonnet for the Mediocre Organic Garden

There may be greater beauty, richer land, Than this to which I daily turn my hand, A soil that sprouts no grasses nor no stones, A garden kinder to these aging bones. I’m sure somewhere the oriole sweetly feeds (Instead … Continue reading

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