Love Sonnet June 2

Morning light drips honey through the trees
Breezes-almost winds-presage the rain.
Iris flare while marbled peonies
Tight-closed, will withstand coming storms’ strain.
It’s privilege to witness all these things
In the constant flowing of Time’s stream,
Every morning’s soft awakenings
Joined to night as dreamer’s joined to dream.
You, My Love, my private source of dreams,
Of Winter’s warm delights, of Spring birdsong,
Whose loving touch my weaknesses redeems
Returning each to me as righted wrong–
Your touch, your face, your kindnesses, your voice-
My joy, my song, my happiness, my choice.


About janemwoodman

Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.
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