Can anyone tell me how to reduce the size of the images of my books? They’re obnoxiously large.


About janemwoodman

Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.
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4 Responses to Help?

  1. toraprincess says:

    Do you use the app or a PC? There are numerous ways depending on how you get there.

    • janemwoodman says:

      Neither. I’m web-based but on my iPad.

      • toraprincess says:

        If you go back to edit the post and click on the image can you drag the corners smaller? Also some places if you click the image you get Edit and there there are usually size options like Full, medium , thumbnail. Hope that helps like I said depending on where you are accessing it there are different options.

  2. janemwoodman says:

    Thank you! Obviously, it worked. Even I was getting annoyed at having to scroll past those enormous pictures.

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