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Longing for Spring

Can I sing Spring in? Use this soft rain for a rhythm, the snow it melts as harmony? Make the beautiful mud my continuo? Each drop knocks at the doors of a thousand thousand earthworms, whispering its damp alarm to … Continue reading

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Where Beauty Lies (tanka)

Oh, you fresh-faced boys, you can only wish to be beautiful as he whose face, whorled like the oak tree, gives all my days light and breath.

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The Trouble With Heaven (sonnet)

Since I’m already living in the clouds, More peaceful and more joyful than allowed In any other headspace I have known Whether as a child or since I’ve grown– Given I have nothing to desire, No happiness to which I … Continue reading

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  Here at the end of a long road, Wishing only for what I have, I find the one who taught me Everything I already knew.

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Commitment (sonnet)

Come look out the window with me, Love See the gentle rain from far above. Tenuous, it coats the grass and pavement Icy but soft spiders’ filament. Come with me to gather so much in That you and I can … Continue reading

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Paper Heart (tanka)

It wraps around you, my red heart made of paper burning just for you. Your fingers write upon it sketching the words you whisper.

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Longing for Spring

Golden light of hemispheric haloes, Lie to me today! Tall grown spikes of garlic, daffodils, Tell me Springish stories! Mud covered earth patches, scent of soil, Sing me songs of germination! For I am Winter-weak with longing For sun on … Continue reading

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