Winter Meditation (sonnet)

January is a time for holding
All that we once were and now will be;
Leave the looking foward to another
Day as we hold still but still set free
The voices of the past that can no longer
Serve the needs developing today,
All fears that stopped us loving whom we’re given
To love, those darker moments, throw away.
This is the cold time, days when blood moves slowly
To give us time to see and meditate
On last year’s lessons, this day’s own bright blessings,
Time to breathe, to think, to celebrate.
As time for holding all but breath blows in,
We choose and shape the best of what we’ve been.

About janemwoodman

Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.
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4 Responses to Winter Meditation (sonnet)

  1. janemwoodman says:

    Thanks very much! I’m pushing through to get back into disciplined writing, so it’s lovely to have responses.

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