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Meditation on the Moment of Your Coming Home

Breathing deeply Holding no-thought Hearing only pulses of blood Seeing dusk settle Feeling expansion Knowing all the peace That will soon shatter As two dogs in love With you-like me- Explode in happiness

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Dog Paw Haiku

Five-petalled flower, the paw of a sleeping dog- miracle writ small

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Soup (sonnet)

Chicken carcasses bubble on the stove Like old loves that we thought we should deny; Seen as the ugly frozen lumps they were, We see them as old things to nullify. But simmer these old carcasses with bay, With allspice, … Continue reading

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Sonnet for a Small Audience

Who contemplates a seed and cannot see The tall green life that waits there to begin Will never love completely nor with strength- He lacks the vision lovers have within. They see the present beauties of their loves But even … Continue reading

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Lovers’ Senryu Series

The door to our world is tiny, private, hidden- Only we enter. Once we get inside a world of light opens up sparkling everywhere. Is this the reason we both love the snow so much, dancing through fresh air? Snowfall … Continue reading

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A Vision (a narrative in linked Senryu)

Old Woman burns clothes inside a ring of black salt she drew on the ground Her hair hangs in shreds brass rings cover her fingers that twitch with the cold She sees me watching lifts both arms above her head … Continue reading

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The Rose

The lavender rose my lover bought to match my witch’s hair hovers over the far unfocused photograph of us alone in Cambridge, swimming in the lovely passion for being forever together that grows and strengthens even as we age into … Continue reading

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Compost (a Winter sonnet)

Frozen mudridge mixes with the snow, Holds the closure pallet tight against Crumbly rotting veg that is no more Visibly discrete-a mushy fence. Dumping kitchen waste into the bin- Carrot peelings, onion tops and such- Hoping for the future growth … Continue reading

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Breath-Holding Time

Now in the breath-holding time we walk silently together toward the season’s turn into the fresh shape of the new year’s garden. We pretend to breathe: we eat and sing and talk as if we were alive knowing all the … Continue reading

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Only so many words…

I seem to have a certain number of words to use in a day. Today was a restaurant review writing day, and I seem to have emptied the bank. On weekends, when Papabear is home, I often use them up … Continue reading

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