Song for a New Year

Seasons turn and turn again
As we all to the new year run
And artifice of time is anchored
In our own great star, the Sun.

Winter runs her frosty fingers
Up your spine, across your face
As she grips you ever tighter
In her loving, fierce embrace.

Fortunately, she’ll grow tired
Of this hemisphere at last
And move out to let the Spring in
As she’s done in each year past.

Now the great wheel turns to Summer,
Spring still dances, trailing flowers;
Lavenders and yellows fade now-
Summer blooms in hotter hours.

Reds and oranges, deeper greens show
Summer’s serious intent,
Growing faster, frantic now, to
Fruit and flowers’ deeper scent.

Rolling on now, Autumn peers
Around the corner, soon to get
The garden to herself as Summer
Fruits and flowers cause seeds to set.

Autumn settles in with harvest
Generously filling space
With her lovely scented bounty,
Daily at a faster pace.

First frost whispers that the great wheel
Rolling on relentlessly
Offers us another Winter,
As it will do ceaselessly.

Time’s an artificial construct
In the guise of dates and weeks,
Look past all the rush and worry;
Let your heart find what it seeks:

Only in the wheel of seasons
Is there wisdom and good sense.
Find in what each season offers
Meditation’s recompense.

About janemwoodman

Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.
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