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Balance of Power

“Truth fails not,” a man once said (Though honors soon went to his head). As men grow older, truth grows hard, Replaced by money and regard Till, petrified with work long past, Each falls to mumbling at the last, While … Continue reading

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Shared Dreams

If I should live a different life, Years in which I’m not your wife, Will these songs I write desert me? Emptied, weak, would each word hurt me? I think not, for by your strong hand My own is strong. … Continue reading

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Tanka for Unity

Science or magic? Why do you insist we choose? Can’t your God make both? Does knowing why sunsets glow Make their colors less lovely?

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In This Corner

Dogs flow in and out a river rushing While a little boy rises Another sun Two mothers watch one ocean As all is presided over By the Papabear In Thanksgiving

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Refugee’s Sonnet

When fear and weakness, fear’s true face, combine To harden hearts and undermine our sense Of unity, thus seeking just to find A way to lock ourselves inside the fence Of our own selfishness, our own conceit That tells us … Continue reading

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Some Sadnesses Can’t be Helped

Unbearable sadness: broken-legged doe, brain-hurt sparrow, wounded crow. On days like this, some images of sadness simply wash away memory of flight. Here’s the exit: the hurt doe led, fed by a second in the silence of snow– Quartets of … Continue reading

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First Snow (haiku)

first snow tiptoes in under a pink morning sky promising Winter

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Back Soon

I know some few people here check this blog daily, and there’s been nothing new for you in a while. The fact is that, having family in France, including my only son and his family, some in and around Paris, … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Paul’s First Birthday

By what strange magic is my voice thus taken From me at the moment I aspire To sing the loudest- by my songs forsaken On the day they should be most inspired? “Miracle” is just a word to many Who … Continue reading

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Evening Haiku

Silence has settled as evening fades all colors to graceful softness.

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