Marriage Poem

Noora wanted our most significant poems. This one, written about 25 years ago, is one of mine


You’ve loved me with a heart like the ocean:
various and changeless,
moving, warm currents
and undertows pulling me miles into you.

This is the clearest water I’ve ever seen,
thousands of lives:
Webs of phosphorescence undulate in wavecrests,
the floor’s boulders, suddenly animated, glide away.
Between, dearly familiar laps of light fins slant
and grotesque shapes hunker in dark crevices.

Soon I won’t want air:
Look—Gills are forming
and webs between my fingers and toes.
I surface for hours now, minutes tomorrow.
Then, drawn by the magnificent affection
of lucid water,
Breathe in the refracted light
and dive into the freedom
of this weightlessness forever.

(This poem is the first in my collection “In the Loving Gardener’s Grip.” If you’re interested in the book in either paperback or ebook form, you can access it, as well as the prose collection, through the links on the side of my page.)

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Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.
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