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Late-Blooming Winter Sonnet

Finally now come the dark and snow When only crows persist in crowding trees, Their feathery coats against the blowing winds, Protecting them while weaker creatures freeze. The sun is sheltered now by marbled grey In skies that promise lovely … Continue reading

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Haiku for a Bright Fall Day

Golden tree dances In love with late Fall breezes Glows from deep within

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The Voice

A voice so far away In the darkness I thought it was my own I sang to it Thinking I sang with it– That voice drew me Through deeper darkness Night blanking thought I stopped singing Standing, hands open– The … Continue reading

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Goldfinch Haiku

Icy harsh winds blow One bright golden leaf descends Bird of late autumn

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Love in the Cold

Now the unexpected harvest comes As winter fast approaches from the west, Its chilblained fingers reaching for the vines That gave us all last summer long their best. These vines are old, their chard companions ragged, The cold wind tears … Continue reading

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Hand of the Sculptor

The sculptor’s touch, whose hands so love the clay They feel its life and breath as if their own, Turn daily to the loving task they choose Above all others – this clay’s his alone. Its textured pliability will change … Continue reading

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Right Now

Breathe low and slow Watch gold flutter Against bright blue Hear quiet flutes play This is Autumn Grand foyer to Winter A shining step inside Before the darkness A little time remains For lullabies to life To green and lavender … Continue reading

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Crow Tanka

Crows scream Winter in Midnight wings blow frosty air Turn us face to face To cultivate each other While the garden turns to stone

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And now it’s available on Amazon…

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Haiku for Poetry Bloggers

Scream into darkness Nothing will live but your words And no one hears them

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