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The mind tiptoes, Trembling at the thought, That one has finally had enough happiness To balance one’s history of distress And so may be near the end. Advertisements

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Crow Tanka

Watching winter crows Leap and dance on cold currents Dismantles ego Makes the spirit become one Glistening night-black feather

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Sonnet for the Son of My Son

My arms and legs lack discipline to dance And mirror all the brightness of the day. Though in my mind and heart I leap and fly, This aging body only steps and sways. Still, even being planted in this mud, … Continue reading

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When Is a Poem Not a Poem?

Snow falls like hordes of little children, Twirlies, dancers, singing their frosty songs, Crystals so happy they fly upward As often as they tumble down. My heart dances with the snow. I have only mingled, leaping thoughts As jumbled as … Continue reading

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Join the Dance

Everything dances– Snow swirls a waltz Rain wears tap shoes (Partners with hail) Lightning has jazz hands. Even the trees– In the slow ballet Of years in elongĂ© Yet each fall a chasse A cabriole of leaves! How then do … Continue reading

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Through this grip of sleet Above the deepening clouds Shines a bright Fall sun

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On the Birth of My Son’s Son

There’s magic in an arrow shot from darkness: From deepest well of sadness and despair. Its power streamed behind it as it flew up And carried me on swift currents of air. It bore me from such darkness as I … Continue reading

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