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Sonnet After Sickness

There are some days, some times, when weakness shows When even strongest hands fall to the side, And eyes must close in deep, exhausted sleep Or simply close to help their owner hide. At times some sickness, though it might … Continue reading

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Resuscitation Tanka

Sing me back to life With your lips and your warm hands Save me from Winter Such a resuscitation As you have performed each day

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Sonnet for Darkness

Into the happiest of lives there come The darker days when light itself withdraws, A chill creeps softly into hands and mind, And heart grows heavy without likely cause. At such times, neither music nor good words Will spark to … Continue reading

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Darkness Haiku

Today empty hands An unmoved heart and closed eyes Succumb to Fall’s chill

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Tanka for the Birds

Mute swans mate for life (Though they both cheat and divorce) It took us longer To pattern our flights tandem Into the light, the fresh light.

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Sonnet for Constancy

In this world of random dark events, Where neither love nor loyalty live long And darkness creeps into the brightest thought To silence sound that could have turned to song– Here superficial happiness descends Into a swirl of sadness in … Continue reading

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Sonnet to Welcome Winter

The deeper drawing in of Winter comes To teach us that in darkness, too, is growth – A different warmth envelops our world now, As we close into home and each other both. Worn places in our hearts and minds … Continue reading

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