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Old Woman’s Love Sonnet

These crepey, creaky hands that serve you still Their joints now wearing thin to let in pain, Won’t rest as long as they can give you joy Work happily to our old love’s refrain. These feet that crack and burn … Continue reading

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Sonnet for a Late Summer Rain

Today the softest, gentlest rain of all Whispers in the wind of coming Fall, Its promise of caressing, sunlit breeze, With nights that pull us close before the freeze. Now sparrows that worked hard all summer long Steal little time … Continue reading

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Sometimes the one that stands and strives alone becomes the most beautiful.

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Butterfly Haiku 2

Tiny dragon flies Drifts on warm summer breezes Painted sails for wings

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Sonnet for the Late Bloomers

The lilies’ trumpets, long since fallen silent, Their substance blended with the soil below, Both daffodils and crocus are dim pictures, As are all the early blooms we sowed. Their complex habits, needy roots and foliage Demanded our attention for … Continue reading

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Sonnet for the City Deer

This air is soft and cool, the breeze is quiet– Steep-angled golden light now crowns wild cherry. The dawn now makes far contrails gilded paths As, in rare silence, Robin plucks a berry. The bean vines’ leaves still carry heavy … Continue reading

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True Haiku

Building hopes and plans On fragile webs of dreams Sometimes even works

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Whence this sudden interest?

Who are you?

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Angry Haiku

I am a writer I stuff words that lived for me Into a coffin

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Haiku for a Late Summer Morning

Choirs of insects sing Golden summer dawn vibrates Shrills day into birth

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