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The Exquisite Grace of a Spring Morning

Sitting outside in the astonishingly beautiful Spring morning with coffee, dogs and, best of all, Papabear at home and at rest, however briefly, I was struck hard by the perfection of the moment. Chipmunks, robins and the unseen pileated woodpecker … Continue reading

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Haiku for Unsought Grace

Warm sun–soft, cool breeze– Chive blossoms opening now– Grace of Spring mornings!

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Haiku for a Quiet Morning

Early Sunday light Warms the silence of morning As your voice speaks love

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The Privilege of Housework

That’s not an oxymoron, at least not for me. Perhaps it would sound more comfortable if I called it “the privilege of homemaking.” Whatever you wish to call it, attitude is everything in how you experience it. You can rush … Continue reading

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Un peu en francais… (Mes erreurs, s’il vous plait?)

Cet jour c’est douce et gris, avec un peu de pleur. C’est le jour parfait pour desherber les jardins et pour planter les fleurs de lune et autres herbs nouvelles. Donc, au revoir par maintenant, et á bientôt!

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Not Getting What I Deserve

For all the wrongs that I have done, I’m sentenced twenty-five to life. This very month, a happy May, I’ve twenty-five years been the wife Of a most loving, happy man Whose every kiss is mine alone, Whose careful, gentle, … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Our Son (on the occasion of his birthday)

If we had never seen those dark blue eyes That look into a world we cannot see, If my first choice to stay alone in life Had been my last and I remained child-free, How hobbled and restricted would have … Continue reading

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The Privilege of Peaceful Rest

I spent a lot of time sitting yesterday. After two days of crawling around putting a hundred big plant starts into the ground, my knees and hands were as sore as my back, and I wanted a restful day. To … Continue reading

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There’s beauty everywhere, even In the face of a young man Building a bomb: Soft dark eyes, A kind-looking mouth, Hair curling like my son’s. Whoever twisted his beauty Into that hissing beast, Thirsty for blood and bone– He is … Continue reading

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A better view

And they don’t even eat the seed! We have clusters of sunflowers coming up all over the garden. It’s a good thing they’re so appealing.

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