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I Fear

That, between the groundhogs and the giant, probably pregnant rabbit I just saw out there, to say nothing of the chipmunks, we will have to rename our Happy Paws Urban Farm and just call it Rodentia.

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Another Anniversary Poem

That night you first unfurled me Like molten light flowing Enrobing us both In richness In fluidity In wonder I knew you suddenly whole Like the earth knows rain Enlivening us both By sense By language By heart You laid … Continue reading

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The Privilege of Empty Hands

I’ve had enough experience with sorrow and loss to know that the best things come when our hands have been emptied and are therefore available to take hold of the new thing that grace sends our way. It’s a form … Continue reading

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Colleen, dear….

I finally got two colors into it at once.

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You Must Stop Killing Us

Sometimes we say no– We are people With lives, Sick mothers, Jobs, Classes, Even–dare I say it?– Preferences. Move on, Divorce us, Shout if you must– Write hateful letters And burn them, Not us. Shoot off your mouth, Not us. … Continue reading

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Ready to burst…Tanka

Like a peony Fully budded, round and fat, We soon burst open– Not quickly like fireworks– Slowly we unfurl our selves

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Tanka for My City

Starlight in daytime Silence in the big city You can find it all If you look with the right eyes Listen with a grateful heart

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Note from the Household Dogs

They say only the best men Earn the love of old dogs. I say you who have as part Of your devoted circle Old dogs and an old woman Are better than the best.

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Haiku for a Late Spring Nightfall

Nightfall’s cool caress Simple music of late birds Day and Spring closing

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Sonnet for His Touch

That same hand that first drew me to you With such a loving touch it shocked me still Has since that night conveyed ten thousand times How deep, how warm, how gentle and how real Is what a touch in … Continue reading

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