Spring is staying closed pretty tightly this year. I’m ready to plant everything: my 25 varieties of tomatoes are almost two feet high, and my 30-some sweet peppers are bigger than ever before. But the ground isn’t ready for anything other than potatoes, peas, and cool-weather plants like chard, kale and some of the herbs. The crazy viny pumpkins and butternuts will have to go crazy under lights a while longer.

I know how they feel. I’ve learned some patience but not a lot. I still start seeds too early for this climate, and I still pull the first tomatoes as soon as they’ve colored up. Papabear laughs at me for it.

I was the same way when we started to live a control-and-compliance life together. I wanted everything all at once. I wanted to already BE THERE, not to move slowly toward where we are how or where we have yet to go. I was wrong. If we had somehow tesseracted straight to where we are now, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of hearing what Papabear had to say about it every step of the way. We would have ended up somewhere I was imagining rather than in the naturally grown garden we live in now.

Spring makes me wait, too. Especially this cold year, I am being taught the lesson I may never fully learn: wanting to see the end while standing at the beginning isn’t just futile and frustrating; it ignores and denigrates the lush, beautiful winding path to wherever the end may be, if there is one.

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Singer, writer, restaurant reviewer, urban farmer, devoted lover of my husband....old and getting happier all the time.
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4 Responses to Patience

  1. theagingsub says:

    Lovely post. Lovely reminder.

    We grow much of our own food as well, in the months it’s possible here. I enjoy reading about your farming journey.

  2. janemwoodman says:

    Is yours a short season? It has special challenges. We’re in zone 5, though there’ a been a change of classification from A to B. Either way, this has been a chilly start to the growing season.

  3. theagingsub says:

    We are in zone 6a. I use the term ‘we’ very loosely. My husband does all of the growing and it’s all organically grown (seeds and seedlings he tries to get organic if available). I just cook – we don’t eat meat so we’ve been trying to grow as much of what we eat as possible.

    It’s been a chilly start here too and he’s had to cover our gardens many times with burlap. We grow some here at home, but most we grow in several plots at a local park which is next to my husband’s office.

  4. janemwoodman says:

    You “just cook”! Hahahahaha! Sorry…but that isn’t a “just” around here, as I’m sure it isn’t at your house. (See my new post about that.) I also smiled at your explanation of “we.” We call that the royal we though for us it usually means me using it to ask him to do something. In any case, Happy Growing Season!

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