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Broken Sonnet in Praise of Change

Now hear the quiet ticking of the clock As brown rice bubbles silently along And rain blows in to wake the seedy life Of mud and flowers, fruit and veg to come. This peaceful life at home makes silence lovely, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Robert Shaw!

Papabear just called from the road to share this: On his 80th birthday, the great choral conductor, Robert Shaw, said that music is like sex: too important to leave to the professionals.

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Cooking for Papabear

It’s not a mundane task. I add cardamom to the banana bread he will take with him to eat in the truck, extra vanilla, too. I make up a menu of dinners from which he chooses what he wants that … Continue reading

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Pour Commencer

Je veux écrir en francais un peu chaque jour. Peut-etre quelqu’un personne va me dit quand je fais des erreurs, s’il vous plait? Je vais faire des nombreaux des erreurs, bien sûr, porquoi je suis nouvelle en l’apprendement de francais. … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Loving Old Dogs

To love these old dogs well, you must be careful: They’ll stand out on a cold and rainy day, Not making any sound to say they need you, Just staring at the door that’s in their way. They’ll play with … Continue reading

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No, we are not sweet, adorable or any other condescending thing.

We are old. Papabear is seventy, and I am nearly sixty. We are infatuated with one another, and we have great sex. We may creak a bit, but we still dig, haul, scrub, and harvest for ourselves. Papabear works 45 … Continue reading

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Spring is staying closed pretty tightly this year. I’m ready to plant everything: my 25 varieties of tomatoes are almost two feet high, and my 30-some sweet peppers are bigger than ever before. But the ground isn’t ready for anything … Continue reading

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Good Morning 2

Crows fly sideways, Wind chimes play hard Against a pearled grey sky. Six days’ rain is coming, Dogs’ muddy feet down here, Bright flashing over us all. Fold me into you As you did last night, Even a fingertip Sparking … Continue reading

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Comparison really is the enemy of joy. If we don’t guard against it, the easy access to the lives of others supplied by the internet can make us doubt and judge ourselves. Such doubts are unnecessary, even destructive. I’m thinking … Continue reading

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No Fear

When a llama thunders across a downhill field toward you, always remember that he may want only to smell your hair.

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