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Another Kind of Meditation

I’ve realized lately, just since Papabear has been putting meditation on The List for me nearly every day, that there is another way of being in my mind that has the same effect as meditation. “Pondering” is verb I knew … Continue reading

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Buddha in Work Boots

Let the deep bells of your voice Now ring and toll for all my music So my heart can dance with yours Generating joy in gratitude. Enlighten me until, with you, I only skim this sweet round earth. Let your … Continue reading

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Bonheur Avec Toi

Je peux choisir l’amor ou peur. Dans ma vie, une seule choix je voir, Tu es l’auteur de ma bonheur, Je chois l’amor tant que tu es avec moi.

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Gardener’s Ambition

It’s been so cold here for so long now that the icicles hanging from our roof have begun to sublimate rather than melt. Going directly from hard ice to water vapor has turned many of them into death-dealing daggers that … Continue reading

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Sonnet for the Night

We both know the best part of day is night What I once saw as darkness now is light It leads me to wherever you may be The joy I was once blind to I can see But only under … Continue reading

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Gardener’s Hope Sonnet

The sun in winter hides behind grey clouds Or shines so bright it glares on fallen snow. Most days now we all shiver in our shrouds And try hard to remember what we know: That summer comes again after this … Continue reading

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An Embarrassment of Riches

Anticipation has always been as much fun for me as the events I anticipate. Especially when we are planning a trip, I drag out the planning and enjoy it as long as possible. The interwebs make that easy. When we … Continue reading

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Black Leather Gloves at Dawn

I woke up right side out today, Clear-headed, bright in every way I ought to be on such a cold, clear morning. Until, that is, you touched my face Just as you left for your workplace, And set off seismic … Continue reading

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Was That A Cloak I Saw on the Snow?

We have a good dentist whom I trust (thank God!), but this morning was rough. The outside world was a little rough, too, quite a bit below freezing and blowing snow. I didn’t wear my snow boots, though, because I … Continue reading

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Our Winter Garden

At the end of every winter day, It’s always you and me Seeing the world and settling it down Through one another’s eyes. Snow and ice now become the beacons Of light and frosted beauty, A fresh chance to fold … Continue reading

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