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A Sweet Exchange

The Boss’s paycheck didn’t reflect what he’d been promised. We acknowledged that, and he said he’d be talking to the people at work about it, by I reminded him that we had enough already so I was not worried. This … Continue reading

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Wealth Beyond Anything I Knew to Hope For

I LOVE having Son and Beloved here. We both do. They are interesting, extraordinarily intelligent, highly educated, funny, and sweet. They came to us at their own great expense for the holidays, shared their joy of being engaged, which happened … Continue reading

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That Steady Flame–Sonnet

The room that is my consciousness Expands around its larger thoughts, Contracts to focus finely or Relaxes in its own soft dreams. Sometimes it fills, cacaphonous, With joys, delights of other rooms Dispelling all the shadowy And greyly defined quiet … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Perfectionism by The Aging Sub

I am a perfectionist, or at least I used to be. No matter the task or situation, my expectations for myself have always been too high, unrealistic even. There has always been a constant stream of negative self-talk in my … Continue reading

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Why I Write

I need to write. If an image begins stalking my mind, I cannot put it to rest except through writing it. I need to express my delight in and devotion to Papabear/The Boss, and writing is the clearest way I … Continue reading

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Riding Light

Crows wheel and flex Herd snowflakes Stalk highways. I also fly Wings fanning lightness Shaping the minutiae of our lives. Whence the winds? Crows ride the sun Its energy creating waves. I ride the light Sweetness of your will Shaping … Continue reading

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Crone Chronicles : Something I’ve let go of: Catastrophic Thinking

Years ago, I was an optimist and a very trusting one at that. Then life happened: betrayals, failures, trusting the untrustworthy, in short, all the things that happen to us as we grow through our adult years and change who … Continue reading

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Canine Frustration

We finally decided to buy and place a baby gate to keep the dogs out of the kitchen when we’re cooking so as to avoid falling over them with a sharp knife or pot of boiling water. Besides, they were … Continue reading

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The Boss Returns

Or maybe it’s still Papabear in a more normal mode. It doesn’t matter. When I came downstairs this morning to find him with a List that included just instructions for getting my head relaxed back into following his lead and … Continue reading

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Thank you for joining me here…

         and for reblogging my words only with credit. by the way, if you want to “talk” with me privately, you can email me at

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