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I thought I knew my country – I was wrong.
The face of Evil’s clearer every day.
This rebirth through hard labor will be long.

Once hidden, now the hatred proudly throngs;
It’s everywhere – I cannot turn away.
I thought I knew my country – I was wrong.

I haven’t written well since they grew strong.
What’s personal’s political they say.
This rebirth through hard labor will be long.

Our freedom’s going – with it goes along
The gentle earth, the hope for peace someday.
I thought I knew my country – I was wrong.

I can’t find the foundation of my song,
Can’t feel the roots that once guided my way.
This rebirth through hard labor will be long.

Will song return? Will music again play?
Will peaceful words return with some new day?
I thought I knew my country – I was wrong.
This rebirth through hard labor will be long.

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Privilege (a broken Sonnet)

Bronzed mementoes torn from innocence,
Stolen happy histories destroyed-
Spoiling each act of beneficence,
Words become cruel weapons to deploy.

Naming you dark terms you’d never use,
Destroying those few things you dared to love,
Frantically, you search in vain for clues
To stopping the next ugly shout or shove.

Having known all this, it’s frightening
When warm touch transforms cold to softest snow,
But steady Love creates such lightening
That present bright delights are all we know.

True privilege lies in having known the night
So when Dawn comes one feels, in full, the Light.

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In Silence

In silence
the quiet moans
of old dogs
call for a gentle hand-
Snow’s soft hissing
surrounds all the senses-
Tiny voices
of moles under snow
rise to the light.

On that broad straight path
balance returns
vision clears
breath steadies
Life resumes.

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Just write the words
let them fall like soft snow
to cover leaf and soil
silently-no one watching.

Meaning will come creeping
language lighting the way
to reveal you to yourself
gently-a soft leading.

In time-slow time-you will return
to what you knew-becoming-
to shape fresh knowing
softly-vision slowly clearing.

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The Crone’s Sonnet

“The time has come,” she said, “for reckoning,”
Her Cronish finger bent in beckoning.
“For centuries you’ve brought forth salty waters-
Tears and fears from those who are my daughters.
Now feel the sad confusion and the fear
Of never knowing when the danger’s near.
Say, can you feel that cold, insistent finger-
How, trailing dread, it moves so slow and lingers?
Now that you, too, know it, howl and whine
About how all this is unfair, unkind.
We’ll listen, all my daughters, sisters, too,
And watch some of you grow a heart–some few.
Perhaps if you will learn some empathy
In these dark days we’ll all find harmony.”

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Silence and Stones (haiku)

single row of stones
not yet grown mossy in light
silence in water

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The dryer drum squeaks
complaints but keeps on turning-
song for a dim day

Snow comes first as rain-
all falls from the same close sky
carrying Winter

Soft rains of Summer
raised up all that has fallen-
earth receives it now

Tiny ones process
last Summer’s Life under snow-
underground magic

Iridescent worms
return it all in time to
Spring resurrection

Everything rolls on-
Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars and we, too,
roll in Life’s great wheels

Present evils pass-
melt away in the Spring sun
leaving Love behind.

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