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haiku for late August


late Summer rumbles
washes to its own wet end
even in deep green

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early morning birthday
the anniversary of the day
Love came like a chance perennial
to seed and grow and blanket my life-
alone at the screen door I watch
along the asphalt path past grasses
past long green tomato branches
by the fountain where birds
will splash today in hot sun-
and see the tiny brown wren
who sings to the living face of Love
upstairs trying to stay asleep
in the humid dawn air of Summer
while even the littlest birds
who have the sweetest songs
offer their gifts to him

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Tanka for My Husband

Wren song sweet and high
proves what all good people know:
appearances lie.
Look through my face, lined and plain,
and see your pure, shining self.

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Sculpting Love

Jagged edged plastic fencing tied
across rough concrete steps with string-
just tangly white cotton string
that will rot in the rain-
Doesn’t look like Love
to anybody but me
because nobody else knows
or saw when the old brown dog
forgot how she falls down stairs
she’s forgotten she shouldn’t go up
Went up and fell down sideways
as we saw and held our breath
until she got to her feet
and walked a few feet away
to lie down in the hosta
pretending she meant to do that
while you made that sculpture
out of string and plastic and Love.

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Question (a sonnet)

I hear you say you’ll sit right where you are
And wait for what might choose to come your way,
And if it doesn’t come-whate’er it be-
Then it was never meant for you, you say.
So might we all, thus following your path,
Find our own peace and wait for all to come
To us as we thus sit and beam our light
Out to the world, each sitting on her bum.
But wait. I see a little problem here:
If everyone is sitting idly by
Awaiting every other one to take
Initiative to stand up and to try,
Then what will ever happen or improve,
And what, pray tell me, Dear, becomes of Love?

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Sonnet After Rain


Remembered rain now blankets every leaf
And crowcall crowns the sky while dark wings run
As lilies sing their colors to the sun,
And we watch in admiring disbelief
That we can turn clear waters full of light
From diamonds in the sun to murky dark
And still the redtail shrieks, and still the lark
Allows us here to witness her swift flight.
How do we beg forgiveness of them all
While still pretending that we cannot see
Our own hands in the death of field and sea,
The threat that Spring won’t come back after Fall?
To deny All Life is One’s a fool’s pretense;
When air and water’s gone, what’s your defense?

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Storms (sonnet)

It’s this-the flooding sky and darkened noon
That turns the mind and heart to inward sight,
The deepening nimbus banks turn sun to moon
As saturated thoughts drown outward light.
This was the mood, the world I found most close,
Most dear when I first learned my own true mind,
This outward mirror of the lachrymose,
This comfortable Nature was most kind.
Through decades past and even still I love
To watch and hear such storms, hail, winds that blow
Till branches break and lightning from above
Rips through black clouds to shock the world below.
But I love better Nature’s best alarms
Since I lie listening to them in your arms.

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