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October 22 Thank-You Note

Idling running your hands
(those hands with rich veins
whose heat of strength
runs fast through them)
through debased soil you touched
an unexpected blasted root
crowded around by noxious weeds
nicked and frozen by turns
half-eaten in the muddy waste
pulled it from its black grave
carried it gently to a place
of sun and gentle rain
of rich and cleanest soil.

You tended it through dormancy
to first quaking gestures
of growth to fresh life
even beyond slow consuming
of its own weak and rotten places
under which you saw a root
a tendril reaching for light
pruning here a touch
a promise of true shape
of native strengths to come.

Years beyond that idle day
that poor misshapen root
grows straight in strong soil
its strength bearing it high
through the careful bed
of your hands’ devising
to send your persistent Love
in what blossoms it can
back to the Sun that shone
strong as Life
through your eyes—
from your heart—
that first eternal beauty.

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Sonnet for Love of Language in Autumn

Willow leaves swirl in the cooling wind,
Some making patterns on the rain-blacked streets;
Some drift themselves through my Fall-hungry eyes,
Filling lonely spaces where words meet.
No language turned or filtered through the heart
Of Summer’s growth, its fruitfulness inspired
By light, wind, rain, and soil’s own heartbeat
Found space to grow its own fruit; but now fired
By coolness, damp, and silence, now they come
All rushing crowds of images long stored,
Now once all Summer noises faded, done,
So long so dumb, rejoice in speech restored.
Such magic to make child and mother of
All memory to savor, keep and love.

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The Sweetness of October Melons

Sugared juices run across my palm,
I catch my breath and shut my eyes
—the sweetness of October melon—
two seconds—less—sufficed to glide
the long and gleaming knife
through its netted skin
through its softest orange flesh
and now it owns all my attention
its honey scent and melting touch
revealing all my hunger, all my thirst.

I once was young, foolishly
expecting sweetness in summer
rushing from fruit to fruit
sometimes, even, in spring,
so hungry for the taste of the sun
in warm flesh, in melting warm flesh
I could not wait for what I knew
but weak of will and free of wisdom
pursued certain disappointments
at costs too high to bear.

Now I know—and joy to understand—
that I needed only to grow patience
enough to meet the melon’s own
needed to hide in my own furling leaves
extending vines to find the light
without which no life can grow
delicious in its sovereignty
from where the vine can give its sweetness
shaped by the sun and soil and rain
to the touch of a loving hand, lip, tongue.

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I sway to the house
brown and seventeen again—
My hips rock the world

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Sitting Too Close to the Flowers


Leaves of morning glory
flutter their shade at me
blocking the protection
of melanin I seek.

I look up for the Sun
for its exact trajectory
in the August sky
but see instead
sheens of dancing
like bright fresh green
plastic against the sky
decorated by only one
thin stream lapping miles
behind the jet’s promise
of beaches and alcohol.

Purple stars of echinacea
hordes of rudebekia
eye me from the border
dance to music
of the giant trumpet vine
dare me to choose
between beauty
and lascivious tongues
of lemongrass
I grow for tea.

Small bees taste my skin
jerk away to find
their own business
in the lovely lavender
too close for safety.

Sitting too near the flowers
I know I’ll eventually
be stung – maybe twice
but the heart shaped leaves
have drawn me here –
I can bear the promise of pain.

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Loose in hip and mind
I wander in the gardens
a gigantic bee
visiting flower and leaf
seeking the astonishment of fruits
where there were none
even in the dimness
of yesterday’s dusk.

Indoors I settle
to nothing
neither book nor pen
enchants nor sways
nor sings to me now
enough to stay
my repeated wanderings.

There…in the compost
juicy vines bear
umbrellas so bright
so promising of life
as to make the sun
hide her face
in the curling
of tomato vines
of tiny yellow stars
of acid flavored branches
that embrace one another.

No paths remain—
there is danger in stepping
elongated and unbalanced
through the reaches
of sweetpotato and butternut
where mint obscures
neat borders with her spears
of lavender crossing
stilettos of garlic chives.

This is wealth
invisible magic
Earth feeding herself
pretending she needs us
unable to contain
her voluptuousness
her magnificence
her relentless song
of persistence.

She is irresistible
her disordered generosity
reeking of resurrection
as tentacles rise
through the wooden slats
that would contain them
And I can hear her
quiet laughter
in the buzzing of bees
in the chittering
of young cardinals
in my own ridiculous
dialogue with them all.


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Summer Senryu

Just one fear remains:
Not fixing this day in words,
losing its beauty.

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