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Request for Valentine’s Day

Hearts and flowers punctuate the cold,
Distract us from the frozen ground and air,
Remind us Love’s own warmth heats Winter’s cold
And gently lead us back to lovers’ lair.
Enclosed thus in a private circle of
Each other’s arms and eyes which always see
The best each in the other, wreathed in Love
So give my heart to you, and yours to me.
Not separate any longer, just one heart
Beats in us both and has for all this time;
As always we’re together though apart,
Your heart, my heart in rhythm, in close rhyme.
So since we know a single heart is ours,
You’re left a single choice: just bring me flowers!

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Time’s different here
that great relentless river
here flows to a quiet sea –
no linear hours beckon here
all movement stilled to breath

Still, daily tides flow slowly
form quiet foaming eddies
take motion in and cover
silences gently shaped
by lightest laps of sound

The view from here is good –
the city’s arteries flash
and run to normal life
sunlight coats all brick and steel
gleams incessant sound
the city’s great heart pulsing

Drawn back to this
by flash of green
beside your name
links view to still
bright too-clean room

I wait inside the silent sea
where time is old
too stiff and slow
while perfect hands
clear tiny streams
correct the flow
of your red life
and bring you back to me.

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Lake Snow Sonnet

Lake Erie rises from sweet Earth’s warm heart
Stroked into mist by touch of Winter breeze
And, turned to snow, returns to where it starts,
Holds soil so the gardens barely freeze.
The evergreens reach up to celebrate
Themselves as the reminder that all Life
Continues as bare branches mimic Death,
Their needles shining crystal in black night.
The Cycle turns, and waters from all lakes
Will mingle as they melt to welcome Spring,
Cause seeds to germinate and stretch to reach
For Light, their small green song begin to sing.
Her heart still beats, as warm in Winter’s cold
As when her Summer greens run uncontrolled.

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skinny dog in winter

skinny blond dog stretches
too-long legs
foot-long neck
electric charged sinew
bone full of life
across couch and floor
celebrates heat
he doesn’t understand
only knows it isn’t
wet white freezing
out in the air
filled with small whiteness,
tongue-numbing shocks

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The Winter of Dark Wine

Oats steam on the stove
beside simple water boiled
to stop our noses from bleeding,
white opacity of foam
also a kind of privilege.
Breath turns to ice in your beard
as you make a personal blizzard,
clearing the road for tomorrow—

When you come back into the warmth,
your kisses will be wet.

I don’t know why you work
so long, so hard in the cold
when you know as well as I
the wind you refuse to acknowledge
will turn your exposed road back
to ice and snow in an hour.

Was the work the same—
were you the same those days,
those years you labored
to bring my heart and mind back
into the clear light—
out from behind those fetid walls
I grew to enclose them both?

Did your hands and heart tire?
Did they blister from the friction
between love and fear?

That heavy snow you clear today
will return again and again
before finally releasing
its living water to the gardens,
giving us food and beauty
to sustain the next winter.

For the warmer seasons,
your work will change—
our work will change.
Until then, we watch together,
fill and lift our glasses together
drink the softness, the warmth
until the boughs break
that need to break
to make new space
for nests and sun.

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blessings of water
in all its beautiful forms
crowned by snow in sun

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Meditation on Water

I am the great Ocean—
Compressed fires beating at the heart of Earth
beat also in me—
The Moon pulls at my waters
as she rolls into and beyond my vision—
My bones flow with stone and hardwoods
grow, flow into blood like roots
seeking good soil in the night underground.

No emptiness falls between my hand and the Earth—
Winds pulse at my surface
ornament me with laces of foam
with beauty sculpted by invisible friction.

I turn and burn one day to the next
never leaving
never returning—
I am everywhere and nowhere—
Life darts, floats, wanders in me—
I scent each creature
turn light into fur and teeth
loose them all to burrow and fly
to swim in my blood and bone.

All desire of Life for itself
turns to breath in my body
to shining electric joy—
As the Sun enrobes Earth in his love
sending her spinning in ecstasy of light
So does Life play symphonies of delight
in a relentless ballet of being.

We are the great Ocean.

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