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Little Song for a Night Flight

Seen from here,
how we all glow!
One Venus above,
millions below:
Each golden light–
or red, or green,
a spark of Love
and Life unseen.

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Natural Consequences

Since kindness
carried no guarantee
since a loving heart
was worthless
on the open market
since a generous spirit
got sucked dry
and was soon discarded–

We erected a new God
carried it to the high place
where the old ones
gave up their seats
gently swaying in the breeze
of our disdain
drowning in the sea
of our thin-lipped pride
rendered swiftly invisible
in the glare of the neon God
in the howling cacophony
of its worshippers–

And now that God Cash
sprawls on its throne
slavering with relentless hunger
for human spirits
drooling heartsblood
its claws sunk deep
into the flesh
of our shared humanity–

Only now we howl
in shocked distress
weep in pain
for the lost soul
of who we were
before the monstrous beast
took the throne
we willingly offered.

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Why We Stay, a very broken sonnet

I chose to marry him despite red flags,
So I had little right to pack my bags-
and so I stayed.
His violent outbursts mostly took the shape
Of words alone, not blackened eyes or rape-
and so I stayed.
With weapons or with fists, it was just threats,
And all frustrated men need their outlets-
and so I stayed.
I should have been more stable, much more strong
Should have corrected all I’d done so wrong-
and so I stayed.
And, after all, his temper was so bad
Because of all the hard times that he’d had-
and so I stayed.
I should have known how to help him correct
His mental state, so what could I expect?
and so I stayed.
Eventually, I’d been cut down to size
And saw myself no way but through his eyes-
I had to stay.

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Beneath the chop of frantic chatter
flow persistent currents
shaped only by themselves
smoothing rock
soothing sand
where creatures
as alive as we
with the same
urgency to breathe
according to their ways
live fired by
the same blaze of life
that burns in minds and hearts
here above the surface.

Effluent-dirtied foam
plastic bags and bottles
disgrace the visible
energy of that ocean
but deeper lie
rich stores of elements
of heated movement
of mysteries
riding perpetual rivers
separate but mingling
with familiar waters
those rivers
we have not yet destroyed.

In silence
they persist
in deep courses
returning heat and life
as castaway vestiges
of power
invisible still
the great heart
of the planet
we have yet to learn
in our arrogance
in our pride of place
of power weaker than
the smallest thought
of the great spirit
of the elements
beating in the tides
in the relentless flow
of deepest waters.

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Snow Day



insistent snowfall-
free gifts of home and hot soup
given from the sky

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