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Sonnet for the Mother

Two hands, two feet are darkened, marked by Earth,
Their blackening welcome signs of Life’s rebirth –
In breezy Spring and coming Summer’s heat
Earth’s frozen heart returns to Life to beat.
In games and rituals of eons past
Some people danced while other folks would fast
To bring the growing seasons around again –
Their songs, like ours, work now as they did then.
That is to say, we all make the mistake
Of thinking seasons’ circling’s ours to make—
In our belief, like theirs, that we control
The precious gifts of Earth. That’s not our role.
Instead, we are all shaped by sweet Earth’s turning,
Her teachings offered freely for our learning.

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White Noise

Buzzing and mumbling
it keeps the mind
from waking, wondering
attending to nothing
hearing no small voices
until even thunder
becomes inaudible.

Its powerful pull
sucks at the roots
forces them inward
until they circle
around themselves
growing nowhere
feeding nothing.

No song flowers
in its presence
as we, disconnected
to everything human
the buzzing a fence
of barbed wire,
fall into silence.

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War of the Worlds (sonnet)

In this lovely world I call my own,
Viewed at this moment through my soiled toes,
Unrelenting beauty of the Spring
Lulls my senses through eyes, ears and nose.
This book is written well, its characters
Developed well; its plot lines interweave
Into a text appealing to the mind
Enough to make me read well and believe.
And yet my eye is constantly caught by
The hosta leaves applauding Spring’s warm breeze,
The dogfights over nesting space, the song
Of water flowing and the buzz of bees.
I love the worlds in books but, after all,
One inchworm in the Spring outshines them all.

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Lily tanka


sharp flat blades spring up
spreading across the garden
in still-cool breezes—
the arrogance of lilies
makes even us seem gentle

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For the Last Thirty Years

What have I to give you? Only this:
A word soft-forged in love from my own heart,
A long embrace at end of day, a kiss
That’s had our long love in it from the start.
A painted bowl, a song, a plate of food –
All these the best I know how to create –
Are they enough for showing love or should
I seek another means to compensate
You for your constancy, your loving heart
That shelters me from all distress, all fears,
The safety of your arms at end or start
Of every day, for thirty happy years?
But it’s your deep appreciation of
The little I can give that I best love.

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Singing Up the Sun

Crack this seed of day between your teeth
And roll the golden light across your tongue;
Taste as freshening breeze, now here beneath,
Blows colors from their birthplace in the sun.
Join the nondescript in lovely chorus
Whose dullest feathers house the brightest song,
Who every morning, singing light up for us,
Remind us joy is waiting all day long.
Hard business of the day that must be ours
Will soon eclipse the softness of the night,
So taste dawn’s freshness now before the hours
Dilute the shimmer of this morning’s light,
And, with the birds, sing morning into day;
Then filled with all they gave you, go your way.

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Fallow Ground

With mind now fallow as the frozen soil,
I look for solitude’s own recompense
As breathing matches breezes, human foil
To Nature as her seasons are to sense.
Ideas rot from too extended waiting
As fast as seeds in frigid soil do;
Blank pages mirror minds anticipating
Imagination’s warmth and Summer’s, too.
Absence of words and images’ returning
Extending into long-delaying Spring
Leaves only hope perennial concerning
Fresh growth of song, stem, fruit— every good thing.
So may this singer’s history and song
Grow once again as late Spring sings along.

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