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Me, too.

“Me, too” helps perhaps, though not a lot
Since those who need to know most still won’t care
That we can’t live life really anywhere
Without attacks from testosterone-drugged snots.
It’s not OUR problem-or at least it ought
Not be for us to solve for all those men
Who learned no self-control, no self-respect
And so remain in their own sickness caught.
Don’t get me wrong! They are no victims here!
What they failed to learn as children isn’t our
Responsibility to teach them. Our
Lives are ours; theirs, theirs-the blame is clear.
The damage will continue and remain
Until men feel the anger and the pain.

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Thank You Note

This also is a gift:
quiet hours under a silver sky
with scents of wet soil
a touch of cold to come
air tasting of leaf fall
scratching of birds on seed heads

Autumn lies visible before me
her wet hair spread across glinting skies
a clammy hand on my shoulder
rich perfume of leafmold rising
whispering crowcall into my ear
acrid smoke on my tongue

All my senses are awake to her
flayed of their skin of busyness
open to necessary understanding
to absorbing her gifts
knowing the great wheel
as it turns again to new death

This is the path to new life
to consciousness of rebirthing
in spirit and mind and heart
through the yearly doorway
I can see only because
of your gift of time.

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Marriage Poem (for the third decade)

Those times the tide, swelled by both moon and rain,
Tossed all aside and lifted us yet more,
All swells and falls across so many years,
Though gentle laps or crashing, love the shore.
At ebb sometimes slow-moving still reveals,
Invisible when covered by the deep,
All quiet mysteries, rocks, broken glass
Side-scattered, in prismatic water keep.
Relentlessly it changes but remains
Enveloping us always, touching each
Most secret place, revealed to one another,
As ebbing waves reveal the breathing beach.
And so and still we spin and swim together
In waters of our choosing now, forever.

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Tanka for Papabear

asparagus crowns
persist in cold October
sending Light their Love-
I’d be as faithful as they
were my heart as big as yours

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Pleading with Shakespeare (sonnet)

These goddam sonnets have me by the throat!
Regardless of what lines I try to write,
The words come out in staid, archaic iamb-
I might as well succumb-I’ve lost this fight.
I’d love to write some deep, obtusely fraught
Poetic lines no one could understand,
Or simple phrases, facile in their tone
That rhyme and meter leave untouched, unplanned.
Those joys must be for others, not for me;
The ghost of Shakespeare torments me each time
I try to move away from from his great form-
I have no hope! I must have meter, rhyme!
So couldn’t you give me a chance, Dear Ghost,
To be partly as good, a tenth at most?

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Faithlessness and Faith (sonnet)

All Life’s persistence startles you, I know,
Yet here you are, persistently alive,
Sustained by Love, each year your mind is new
Though cherished memories of Love survive.
As seeds throw forward Life indifferent to
All thought of progeny’s ingratitude,
So you have given all you had to give
With open heart and hand and attitude.
Thus, as remembered sunshine lights your face
In twilight like the rays of a sunflower,
So you still frame those faces, still can trace
Devotion to them all in this far hour.
So children who have grown but grown too small
To understand your Love retain it all.

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Sarah’s Sonnet

How dare you say it’s not the time and place,
You one-eyed witch, so smug and such a liar?
A line like that’s enough now to inspire
Much more than just a pie thrown in your face!
How many have to die and suffer loss?
How long can you and those like you pretend
The lie that our democracy depends
On needless death? You spew crap for your boss!
This can’t go on much longer now until
Your evil tongue is stilled by revolution
By those who underwent some evolution
That somehow missed your ilk. You make me ill!
Misogyny and fear of socialism
Will kill our hope, drive us to nihilism.

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