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blessings of water
in all its beautiful forms
crowned by snow in sun

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Meditation on Water

I am the great Ocean—
Compressed fires beating at the heart of Earth
beat also in me—
The Moon pulls at my waters
as she rolls into and beyond my vision—
My bones flow with stone and hardwoods
grow, flow into blood like roots
seeking good soil in the night underground.

No emptiness falls between my hand and the Earth—
Winds pulse at my surface
ornament me with laces of foam
with beauty sculpted by invisible friction.

I turn and burn one day to the next
never leaving
never returning—
I am everywhere and nowhere—
Life darts, floats, wanders in me—
I scent each creature
turn light into fur and teeth
loose them all to burrow and fly
to swim in my blood and bone.

All desire of Life for itself
turns to breath in my body
to shining electric joy—
As the Sun enrobes Earth in his love
sending her spinning in ecstasy of light
So does Life play symphonies of delight
in a relentless ballet of being.

We are the great Ocean.

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January Meditation

Cold winds heave light and rain around
our gardens empty of visible Life—
Our fences support nothing now
as living carries on in silent undergrounds.
In here, silent sitting in warmth
with the little vizsla who finished zooming
through the mud and now sleeps gently,
I feel light flow into my cupped right hand,
hear water flowing into my left
pull both through veins into my body
where they mix and seek the Earth.
Startled roots begin to grow from my soles,
first slowly, then running quick,
touching, penetrating this dusty wooden floor
hanging through the stone and mud below
to fix me in this little patch of soil.
In Spring, I will walk slowly
with feet still rooted softly,
magically mobile but not too far
through all the lovely, loving growing things,
the vines and tall trees, branches and leaves
that wait for me now below.
Breath takes me further still,
abandoning even all that happy vision
but never forget the peaceful Truth it sings.

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Sonnet for the End of the Third Decade

No frost nor snow has interfered with life—
If either came, it only ornamented
Hands that held my heart, our love cemented—
In these warm thirty years I’ve been your wife.
Once February seemed so cold and gray,
Its sunsets icy though subtropical
And not distinguished from the dawn at all,
The only thing to do was run away.
Our life as one has had more kinds of heat –
Some burned us both, some warm us still and will,
No doubt, shift shape, more promise to fulfill—
Than we could know when we met, incomplete.
This steady warmth will always see us through
What comes – you burn for me and I, for you.

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aquarium haiku

running water sings
silver songs in the kitchen
finny Life inside


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Little Song for a New Rescue Dog


One warm brown eye
One coldest blue
In days we learned
That we love you,
So small blond one
This little song
Is our true promise
To love you long.

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Winter Solstice Sonnet II

With weight of Winter warming causing pain,
We long for snow and ice to come again
To bring protection for the soil below
And friendly freezing’s later soaking flow.
The birds know this warm Solstice isn’t kind
And mob each seed in feeders they can find,
Soft breezes telling them what we can’t hear:
All harsh winds, frost and biting cold draw near.
Come cold night, then, and even colder dawn;
This warm December should not, can’t go on.
All seasons have their purposes in turn;
Pale Winter balances Sun’s Summer burn.
This Solstice counterweighs its Sister’s light
With sparkling cold and deeper, lusher night.

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